Guy Has Destroyed As He Tries To Phone Women Clingy

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This person made an effort to Enjoy Like ladies are Clingy And have Rooooasted On Facebook

The Story

Everyone understands that women are clingier than men, correct? JK. Which is merely a stereotype. Until we now have some difficult science on this subject, I’m gonna call it a draw. Real facts are, you’ll find male clingers and feminine clingers. Usually, dudes try to perform like they never catch thoughts, but then each goes and do a bit of outrageous junk like hijack an aircraft in order to get in contact with their unique ex. Whenever women are clingy no less than it’s just, like, planning on one to respond to their own sms. 

Well, speaking of hijacking, one guy’s snarky fb standing had gotten hijacked HARD not too long ago. This dude Ben attempted to play like he was cool as ice and not a stage-five clinger. Let’s take a good look at the carnage:

The Picture

And that is whenever Jessica dropped the bomb:

And Daphné joined in:

And Anika delivered the death-blow:

The Lesson

The amusing benefit of delivering people messages is that those messages tend to be genuine easy to screenshot. If you are going to be clingy when chatting ladies, hit your self down. Perhaps anyone who you’re trying to message shall be in it — the web based dating globe is filled with wonderful individuals. (Although… do not state “hey” 60 occasions to people. That is merely weird.)

But if you are going to trash-talk a complete sex if your own record is actually less than spotless… looks like you much better be equipped for some FB message skeletons ahead from the cabinet. R.I.P. Ben’s reputation.