You Just Won't Believe it! Here Let Me Show You…vlogmas day 3

You Just won’t believe it! First my mom is hurt in an accident at my new house, Now this! Moving was going so well too… Target- …


  1. See the pain in your face and voice,my dear
    Moving is a traumatic experience and it will take a while to settle down
    You have been through so much and survived
    Sorry about your dear Mother

  2. Oh my, brings back a moving day story of my own. I had just put my home on the market and hired a company that delivered a 30yd bin (20ft long by 8ft wide) to get rid of everything we were throwing away before moving. They came to pick up the bin with a huge truck and hitched it up. As my kids and I were watching the truck pulled out of our driveway but the bin snapped off the truck and flew into my attached brick 2 car garage. It was like a bomb went off, the whole side of the garage crumpled and collapsed. This delayed our move by 6 mos but It all worked out in the end (the company paid for all the repairs) Moving is stressful but the new memories you will have in your new home will be priceless! All the bestxxxx

  3. Jody luv your hubby's card. It will not go all well u are lucky it wasn't very bad.i luv the way people come to help you.jody please take care of your health.luv u Jody. Usha from India

  4. Hate moving, just watching it all so stessful & w everything else on top that happened.. Bentley is cute & your grandson is sooo sweet & adorable. Lucky you Jodie – great family & support system…. Just think in no time you’ll be settled & happy….💛✨

  5. Wow Jodi, what can I say? Bless your sweet loving heart and body, I am just speechless. I'll just say, you are in my prayers always and I didn't know anyone had as much trouble as I do ! lol. Just take care of you.

  6. Congratulations on your new home🎉🎊🎉
    You sure have had a hard time of it with unexpected events, but I’m sure everything will settle down. And you will be all unpacked soon
    Last year around this time my husband and I were taking a walk on a walking trail, he climbed up a 5 foot hill to look at the lake view, but coming down the pine straw was wet, and he kept tumbling down trying to catch his fall, and then he fell on his back, after urgent care visit he was blessed nothing thank goodness broke, but I’ll tell you he felt terrible for two months, all aches and pains, he actually needed a walker to recover, he was 73 at the time. He is fine now, so I know how you can’t get the vision of what happened out of your mind, I replayed it for weeks in my mind. I wish your Mom a fast recovery, and God Bless ❤️🌲

  7. Jodie, I'm not saying assuming anything or telling you to assume anything, but please get your home blessed by the church. Everyone should get new homes blessed, ideally before you move in. But its not too late, just get it blessed 🙂

  8. Oh well, even with the best laid plans….who would of thought the movers would do something as horrendous as that! I hope your mom is doing better today. I have her, and you and your family, in my prayers. Seems like some days we get tested beyond what we think we can endure, and somehow we do, and things brighten up. You have a lovely home and once you get settled you will really enjoy it.

  9. The one thing in life we can depend on is how unpredictable it is! That's an understatement! Well, you have precious Brennan there protecting and comforting you. That's the best moving gift ever! You also have a wonderful, loving hubby by your side for eternity. That card brought tears to my eyes! Jodi, what did the hospital/doctors say about your mother? How is she? On another note: The house is so beautiful. Please pace yourself and do just a little bit each day. Don't stress over trying to get it all done quickly. I can't believe the movers hit the fire hydrant, Jodi! It's ok, it's just water and the City will take care of it. It appears that you have lovely neighbors! You have loads of blessings going on! Take it easy Sweetie and focus on all of the positives that are happening! 🙋‍♀️🏡😘💖🙏🙏🐾🦾🎄

  10. Oh Jodi I just looked at the subscribers number and it's almost doubled!! I am so excited for you!! The new house is going to be fantastic, okay so they say these types of things come in threes, since the next vlog will be vlogmas four, it will be smooth sailing from here on out!! 🥴🤣 Continued blessings, stay safe and well everyone!!

  11. Oops. Try again
    Moving is absolutely one of the most stressful situations. You have had your share of mishaps. How is Mom doing? Will take lots of time to settle in. Rest & have a nice hot cup of tea with Bentley on your lap

  12. I feel so bad for you because of what happened with your mom! I know you feel horrible about it, but so blessed it was only her arm or shoulder and not hip, pelvis, etc… After seeing the spot where she fell, I believe it would be a good idea to paint a stripe just right before the step down. Seeing the same color continue after the step down makes it difficult to distinguish the step. This just couldn’t be prevented, so I hope you don’t beat yourself up too bad about it. ❤️🙏🏽. Praying that your mom heals quickly and that you transition well into your new home.

  13. I’m so sorry about your mother falling, that is tragic, I hope she recovers very soon. Oh no! They broke the water hydrant, what else can go wrong? I feel for you Jodi, things like this causes any pains in your back to hurt bad, my heart goes out to you, sweetie! Things gotta get better from here on out. 🥰♥️🌺🌹

  14. Well y’all certainly have made a splash into the new neighborhood lol Bentley is so nervous bless him! Y’all just can’t win for losing geesh! I feel so bad for y’all I hope and pray things get easier! Much love 💕

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