1. I support recreational and medical marijuana as long as you keep it all natural and don't put any synthetics in it like you do with these modern-day tobacco cigarettes and stuff then it's all good that's kind of the thing we should be focusing on is all these synthetic medications and drugs and stuff anything that has static additives shouldn't be illegal more like drugs cocaine meth all of these over-the-counter and prescription medications Leonard just made of chemicals the use of natural gases chemical plants stuff like that should be banned we should all go green no pun intended need to go to all natural stuff better for our bodies and better for the environment cuz you see what happened to a lot of people nowadays getting diagnosed with Cancers having autism having Down syndrome multiple personality disorders and stuff that's caused by all of these chemicals put in the air and into the water heck I'm by a power plant that they just dropped all source of mercury in the water whenever I was young the water is all contaminated the air is all polluted anyway like I said marijuana as long as it's kept all natural and a have no synthetic additives should be legalized for both medical and recreational use

  2. I don't smoke but it would make the price of my house skyrocket and I'm all for that I reckon we don't need our tax money going to lock up hippies either and schools need money I guess its a win-win-win count me in

  3. I would vote to legalize cannabis, mushrooms, DMT, LSD, peyote etc and make caffeine and alcohol illegal, if I had to choose between that and current laws. I don't drink alcohol or caffeine and think they are both evil drugs.

  4. This was a moot point until a) a sample of the required signatures was verified by the AZ Secry of State and b) the AZ Supreme Court upheld the lower court ruling that the 100 word summary was legit. All the happened by Friday Aug 21, 2020. It's official! Prop 207 (I think.) The best part: the Invest in Ed ballot initiative (Prod 208) also made it. I'm not rich and I don't have any kids so I don't have a dog in the fight with Invest in Ed – but what I love is the AZ Chamber of Commerce now has to split it's resources to fight both ballot issues, and I'm guessing they hate Prop 208 much more than they hate Prop 207. Thank you Teachers! Free the Weed might just fly under the radar this year thanks to your proposition.

  5. Nope. All the riff raff moves in when a new state legalizes it. I don't care if people smoke weed, but I don't want to incentivize weed smokers to move to AZ because generally speaking they're lower IQ liberals that destroys states, like they did Colorado.

  6. "Legal prescription drugs "statistically kill 100,000 people a year, (but) there are NO documented deaths due to marijuana." Excessive alcohol use led to approximately 88,000 deaths and 2.5 million years of potential life lost each year"Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer, 250,000 deaths every year"

    “Police killed 1,166 people in 2018”

    """Cannabis education is critical."""

    “The Health Benefits of Cannabis

    1. It Could Help You Lose Weight

    2. It Appears to Help Regulate and Prevent Diabetes

    3. It Fights Cancer

    4. It Can Help Depression

    “Using compounds derived from cannabis — marijuana — to restore normal endocannabinoid function could potentially help stabilize moods and ease depression,” said Samir Haj-Dahmane, who is spearheading the research at Buffalo University – research that is only just now beginning to ramp up.

    5. It’s Showing Promise in Treating Autism

    6. It Provides a Safer Alternative to Other Drugs and Alcohol
    Cannabis can be harmful if you use it irresponsibly, but it’s nowhere near as destructive as alcohol for example. With wider availability, cannabis can and will become a substance of choice – and likely save a lot of lives (and livers) in the process.

    7. It Helps Regulate Seizures for a lot of People
    Using medical cannabis to regulate seizures is another one of the more high-profile findings coming out of medical science. For folks with disorders like Epilepsy, cannabis is showing immense promise.

    8. CBD Can Apparently Help Broken Bones Heal Faster

    Can you believe that cannabis can actually mend broken bones? It’s true, as CBD evidently reacts chemically with collagen, spurring along the healing process. Another very exciting find.

    9. It's Helping People with ADHD

    10. It Can Help Treat Serious Addictions

    11. It Treats Glaucoma

    12. It Can Improve Lung Health

    13. It Helps Anxiety in Correct Doses

    14. It Appears to Slow the Development of Alzheimer’s Disease

    15. It Helps M.S. Patients

    Cannabis For Back Pain, Chronic Pain, & Nerve Damage

    16. It Can Relieve Muscle Spasms
    We’ve mentioned M.S. and seizures, but general muscle spasms are an ailment that affect millions. Cannabis can help calm those muscles, stop them from twitching, and deal with the pain associated with spasms.

    17. It Could Help with Eating Disorders

    18. It Relieves Arthritis

    19. It’s Helpful for Those with PTSD

    20. It Could Help Regulate Your Metabolism

    21. It Helps People with AIDS/HIV

    22. It’s Proved Effective for Treating Nausea

    23. It’s an Alternative Treatment for Headaches

    24. Can Treat Certain STDs

    25. It Could Help with Speech Problems

    26. It Can Improve Skin Conditions

    27. It Can Help You Get Through Chemotherapy

    28. It Could Help with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    29. Cannabis Can Calm Asthma Attacks

    30. It Can Replace Viagra for Some Men

    31. It Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

    32. It’ll Calm Your Panic Attacks in Proper Doses

    The Economic Benefits of Cannabis
    33. It Can Be Used as a Food Source

    34. It Makes for an Attractive Investment

    35. It Can Help Fight Climate Change

    36. It Creates Jobs.

    37. It Generates Revenue for Schools and Public Health Programs

    38. Legalizing Cannabis is Getting People Out of Jail

    39. It’s Creating New Industries

    40. It Lowers Crime Rates

    41. It Leads to Safer Roads

    42. It Makes Law Enforcement Cheaper and Easier

    How Cannabis Can Improve Your Daily Life
    43. It Can Keep Your Pets Healthy

    44. It Can Stop Nightmares

    45. It Can Bring Your Energy Levels up

    46. It’ll Help You Sleep

    47. It Can Help You Get Through the Work Day

    48. It Can Make You More Productive

    49. It Could Make You More Creative

    50. It Can Protect Your Brain

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