Work training and the Search for CBD Oil in Japan (VLOG) 研修 CBDオイル探し

Hey guys! A pretty chill vlog this time- Jenn has gone back to Tokyo so it is back to kind of normal life. From job training (*fingers crossed*) to dinners with Boyo …


  1. Did the CBD work on the headaches? It has helped my knee a bit but hyaluronic injections from the Dr. are working better. Wish they could inject my whole body with it!!!

  2. Do you ever miss having a dryer for your clothes? Those veggies look yummy!!! I loved how your hubby came it….I literally laughed out loud 🙂 🙂 "You don't love me," sounds like me picking on my hubby 🙂 🙂 Please tell him I love his glasses 🙂 You keep giving him opportunities to whack your butt, LOL!!! Weather definitely gives me migraines!!! Please let me know if the cbd oil works!! My kids have done that in the stores 🙂 I haven't watched Joker yet, but I did finally get the time to watch Terminator: Dark Fate, which I LOVED!!

  3. How did the CBD oil help your migraines and sleep? I have some of my own and it definitely helps me to fall asleep earlier xx Will definitely be looking forward to your next video xx

  4. This is the same CBD that I use ! I use the one you put under the tongue.
    Ah man, what mum hasn’t dealt with the screaming child in the supermarket? NOT ME. every time it’s a fight over snacks.

  5. Your dinners look so healthy! I'm really looking forward to a CBD oil update. Every time I go to Cosme Kitchen in Namba or Umeda I think about purchasing some, but there are so many different kinds and it's a little on the expensive side.

  6. I'm totally with you on the barometric pressure causing migraines. I'm a migraine sufferer too and we have had awful weather in the UK so I have had 10 migraines in the past 2 months : ( I don't think hormones help! I have had botox to help my migraines and have noticed a decrease in pain and frequency (when I stay on top of getting the injections!) Let us know how you get on with the CBD oil – very interested in seeing how that works. Migraines just plain suck! Good luck with your job. I was offered a new job today so am super thrilled!! x

  7. The first cooking segment had at least 10 different camera positions by my count. That's a lot of work to setup, but the effect is so nice when edited together with the music.

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