Why marijuana is banned in India, and the case to legalise it | NL Cheatsheet

After the death of #SushantSinghRajput, we saw how our lovely news channels took a sudden turn in their coverage to make it all about #Drugs. Not just any …


  1. I don't understand what is wrong
    Agar koi drugs afford karta ho aur use leta ho individually to isme wrong kya he
    Drugs costly he rich log he lege
    But alcohol to sasti he sab lete he aur uspe ban nahi he
    India me poor aur middle cls log jada he wo alcohol cigarettes le sakte he legally
    Aur rich log drugs lege to bura illegal

  2. Cig cannot be banned but Just increase taxes on it soo high that people would think twice before actually enjoying it. And Legalise the cannabis and gain more taxes people would seriously pay 10x than Cig to just have 1 gram lmao, I am sure.

  3. There are a lot of facts but if you want to know the uses watch the video of priya … i forgot the full name but she has lot of information about its uses from makong clothes to medical uses

  4. A talk on your imaginations that how will India be when marijuana is legalised in India 🇮🇳 please it would be a nice information. Love u man🙏🏼keep going. Peace ✌️

  5. This is your beauty how you dragged a normal case to link with bjp and criticize bjp 😂😂 but for your kind info. That vote was for medicinal use of cannabis.. you will never mention that 😄. By the way, it is not a drug but herbal thing which makes me happy everytime.😂

  6. What you see is the effects of racism. All racism follows the same pattern so you can see it and they cannot hide it.

    Racism always comes to a debate, or neural network process, they know they cannot win. That is why they always use racism, which is the inverse of justice, and then a scientific process called fascism. Otherwise their neural networks will not let them make that choice due to the way the mind works. Which is why you see them lie, use corruption of government, etc.

    If you check they will be using the same method Nazis used along with those whom abuse women, etc. The reason is it is all crimes against humanity… thus physics dictates it must be the same. And since psychology and sociology is based on physics… you can always find it and expose it. In fact there is a scientific equation designed to keep track of the patterns they need to commit the crimes and the fascisms involved. So you can always put the inverse back where it belongs.

    If racists can outsmart you… put down the bong. IMHO.

  7. Weed was legal in India til the britshers came and banned it. Now look at them, they are Legalizing recreational weed because they know the benefits for the people and the economy! They are clever and we are Dumb.
    Imagine if Weed was legal. So many jobs will help our litreally half unemployed population to work on. Think about the farmers in rural areas!
    But This will never happen till Modi is PM. We need a smart guy.

  8. Well, to be honest, legalization of marijuana has wider array of benefits as well as a very wide array downgrades. As long as it is criminalized, this will keep the small farmers in business but the moment it would get switched from illegal to legal, companies that are corporate will surely monopolize it and will increase the price to a point that would be untouchable goods for the commoners. As I speak, it's already happening in United States of America. Of course, it will create jobs for many but at the same time it will snatch it away from many as well. As far as the quality comes in, yes, we will be able to experience weed with varities of strains and explore new ways of consumption and of course a very big issue is "moldy weed" but with all due honesty, the producers know about these factors and try their best to keep the goods as dry as possible. I'm all in for legalization but I have problems with the business sharks monopolizing this wonderful gift of god.

  9. Your point on regulation and control spread of weed is actually practical. Even though we cant stop any person (independent of their age) from consumption of weed, smoking a safe regulated weed is much better.

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