1. Why? Because in this upside-down and inverted world cannabis products are more accepted than Kratom. And it's harder to cheat people with kratom. With CBD creams especially, you can dump a bunch of menthol and very little CBD into a product. A lot of these companies are basically selling BenGay at a ridiculous diamond markup because they claim "CBD" on them.

  2. My background like sleep is like urs….I'm still working through it, not having the ability to come down to idle anymore is do stressful and not sleeping really at all of any amount really wears on you, I dont even have words to explain but u guys who understand what I'm trying to say get it, its like somewhat constant controlled…best I can adrenalin ALL THE TIME, my physical nerves jump and kick around I have to pace the house for nights on end and still be a dad and work and…live man its really tough sleep problems I'll stop I could wine about it for hrs but it dont help a thing, embrace the suck…and jesus, I said that backwards

  3. CBD helped me a lot with my PTSD and sleeping issues.

    UNFORTUNATELY, it'll make you pop hot on a piss test – so I had to stop taking it for my career.

    Waiting for the DoD/DoS rules to change, but that'll be another decade at best.

  4. This sounds like a scripted paid promotion infomercial. What are you up to, and whats that up your sleeve 🤔
    Edit… Just checked out the prices! Now I know what's up your sleeve 🤪

  5. You got a haircut 💇‍♂️didn’t recognize you 😆, somebody done turn my bell 🔔 off or something or they feel asleep 😴 and hit it by accident I think they need your product 👍👌✌️🇺🇸

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA!…no. Let me get this right. You need drugs to sleep? BTW – "come from a Special Operations background" does not align with past, present or future SF Ops and frankly bunk. Redbull and Melatonin is not an upper or downer. Fix yourself now please.

  7. You might want to say something about this and how the VA will react to self treatment. So many vets have lost their benefits due to that, not saying it was CBD OR CBN but just the point of self medicating. Not sure myself of the VA’s posture on this kind of stuff. However may just be a thought so a vet doesn’t lose their benefits…… just food for thought….

  8. CBD combined with just the right amount of THC is actually a very good combination. Problem is, anything with THC in it can be tested and get people fired which, in my humble opinion is bullsh**. But I've been researching this for several years now and Many professionals in the area of naturalpathic pain and sleep treatment know that benefits of both in the Right Combination have been proven to help with so much. Many of our vets already know this. I do hope for good success with your product Mike! Hopefully it will help a lot people.

  9. Seems like people are hating on CBD in the comments that it doesn't do anything. At a high enough dose its very relaxing. Its not super obvious that its 'working' like THC.

  10. I'm 44 years old. With mistreatment of myself, car wrecks, other things, I live with a lot of pain. But I'll never take CBD. I hear too many people talking about how it "cured" them, as they continue to use it…they've confused cure with control. And all the others that say it cures cancer, high blood pressure, and the list goes on…
    I'll stick with my OTC stuff and mental toughness to just keep on.

  11. I personally use medicinal thc for inflammation and stress relief from fishing work . CBD and CBN have helped many veterans and blue collars glad to see it become serious

  12. Can’t wait to try this! Awesome / U know it can change lives it did for me last season / I happened an awesome family farm
    W/ lots of great CBD/CBG etc & they ship all over wholesale too. Jic if u ever want A sample assortment & I’m sure they’d b more than happy to send a variety of their products for free for u to try np! I hope it’s ok I mention, Jic it might help u – if so, pls just say i referred u to Rachel or her brother Mike there.- aThey owners but they have became people I love to help spread the word about / Cuz it helps & oh yeah… it works guys, it works! 🙏♥️💯♥️🙏

    Now that I have tried the legit CBD & I KNOW it’s been a game changer for my RA / Nerve damage from 10 surgeries & more – I totally swear by it everyday! I am a medical pt in IL & blessed to grow my own reg mj / but the Right CBD just was what I was missing all these years! 🤷‍♀️

    It’s helped my mobility, muscle spasms, sleep, and more! I can’t wait to try ur brand! I believe U GET Good CBD / I’ve seen u talk about how much it’s helped u & it was cool to hear from someone else that feels so strongly it can b a HUGE difference in ur day to day & well worth a try Imho of course! 💚

    Much luck & TY for helping people w/ this / looking forward to checking it out! U R Good People Mike / TY & TY for all u do & for ur Service! Even got my Veteran Papa to try some cbd / were getting more & more people to understand the medical miracles this natural plant has to offer! I’ll keep speaking about it, if u will, I think this can totally change the way people look at their options. 💚👌💯 🙏🌱💚

  13. CBD has changed my sleep habits. Eventually, I was able to get off sleep meds altogether and sleep better than ever. I’ve been looking for a quality online distributor. I’ll check yours out

  14. Mike how dose this product work on pain, have a genetic disease that's attacks muscles and joints, would you suggest this , tired of talking pain meds. Thanks .🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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