Weed and Teens

In this video we cover what marijuana is and the effects it has on teenagers. We dive into the long-term cognitive effects for teens, whether they are different for …


  1. Im 16 years of age and my doctor told me to use marijuana for chronic insomnia, anxiety and depression my brain feels fine i still function and do my daily things and build computers and run my side hustle and shit, i think people make it seem way worse than it actually is

  2. My story –

    I've been smoking daily (2-3+ a day) since I was 16 turning 17. Now I am 19 turning 20 and have quit for 3 weeks and 5 days because I have experienced tremendous cognitive deficits. Before smoking weed I was very sociable and smart, I was set on the premedical tract. I smoked strong thc 9 cartridges and started smoking delta 8 as well. I have read every string on this community and multiple studies and am so afraid that this damage to my brain is permanent I've decided to be abstinent for a year and then contemplate giving my life up.

    When I first started smoking in high-school, I noticed my ability to communicate and understand others was weakened so I hid from people and everyone left me alone. Towards the end of school I had a harder time in class, cheated more, and even skipped my last class of the day sometimes to catch a movie which I never imagined myself doing. In college and covid, my habits got worse but I was getting by. Sophomore year to current I would lay in bed most of the day because my ability to do long term planning was weakened and I struggled initiate tasks. I can't absorb information around me, my emotions are dulled or nonexistent, and my short term memory is terrible. Simple tasks seem like mountains to me. I can barely understand what people are saying anymore, my language processing ability is also dulled. My imagination is weakened, and I can't plan well. Changing my surroundings (like going to a different room) does little to change my mind. My spacial recognition and reaction time are so poor. My motor function and coordination seems impaired. I also have a tremendous head pain that is chronic, It's been getting better and I hope it means my brain is healing itself. I quit because I woke up one day and nothing entered my brain, it's like i was a zombie and that scared the crap outta me. But damn these studies don't give me hope. I think I've damaged my prefrontal cortex and connectivity in brain which is permanent. I started to excercise which helped and met with a therapist once but I don't know if I can keep living like a zombie anymore. Anyone have advice?

  3. bro i’m only 14 years old i don’t turn 15 til september and i’m a huge stoner smoking as often as i can which is usually ab 5 days a week and i want to stop i really do as much as i love the feeling of being baked and just chilling it’s super addictive. my mom has caught me before and knows i do it and she hates it i have thought ab asking to go to rehab but i wouldn’t want to be in rehab at 14 years old. i just wish there was something i could do to just immediately stop but trust me once you smoke and you like it you do it over and over and you become addicted like i have. it’s so hard to fight the urge to smoke and i eventually give up and go do a dab or smoke a joint. i know that i think i’m grown but i’m 14 and that’s basically still a baby if u think ab it and i’m scared i’m gonna become a failure in life and be a disappointment.

  4. First impression: Cringeworthy and terrible acting, then terrible microphone for otherwise alright looking animations.
    Second note: "marijuana is a drug derived from cannabis plants", Marijuana is what you call the plant, I don't know where you got the word "derived" from.
    Overall, information seems legit, probably not a good idea to smoke everyday as a teenager or as an adult.

  5. I’m 16 and started smoking when I was 13 and I still feel motivated to go to school and graduate these studies seem unreliable because they are only taking people who have been smoking for awhile and study their motivation when that person could just not be a motivated person in general

  6. I wonder how much of the things about motivation and life outcomes are just caused from people who are willing to do illegal, sketchy things, vs the rule followers who would be more successful anyway.

  7. This is the same old bullshit lies that they have been trying to feed you for the last 60 years. That it will make you lazy, stupid, mentally ill, and make you an unproductive member of society. This isn't education it's brainwashing.

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