wedding cake cbd flower review

this is my review of the CBD strain called wedding cake. This train comes from a company called JK District. I do not sell these products I only review them.


  1. That was dying good 🙂 next time just sit there for 20 mins. That will draw major attention. You’ll have to find someway to make the video end. Someone will have to be behind your camera or phone and hit the stop button. But they can’t be seen at all, even in the beginning of the video

  2. That flower is the opposite of sticky, it fell off your finger twice! It’s straight trash. Anybody who smokes this crap, and claims to experience a head change. Needs their fucking head examined

  3. The wedding cake is insane. I got some recently. I’ll have to to a review but I couldn’t wait to break into it and it is AMAZING out of a bong !!! Thanks so much for the shoutout 💚🐞💨

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