VNS Adjustment // Early Christmas Cards & Gifts!

Today, we checked Raelynn’s PO Box, and opened her first Christmas mail! Raelynn also had a quick doctor’s visit to adjust her …


  1. I wanna say hi to your other kids! They’re beautiful! Please send me a PO Box so I can send Christmas gifts. I know u mentioned u finally had one but I missed where I can locate it. I see she loved those cards! I think the colors really captures her attention!🥰

  2. Deer chat,as my girl and me,we are going to persevier in the love of this channel,as we got rid of the ones that use our channel for their porposes,we continue no matter what,we will continue our love for Realynn and there is nothing you can do to prevent this exept for the channel owner that can,understand?

  3. Of course we hope vns helps super cuety,also,as we perform in life,perhaps we should also pray for the ones in desperation that reach out on this channel,like that one that speak for Mariah and I,this person is also our mission too,in comments…Our channel has eliminated that one,however,we will pray for this beutiful one that calls out!I got my girl,you got your girl and much more,gives strength to pray more,do more as we can,Jesus will help for sure,we do our part in posititive with Jesus/faith/will be done!Also,way cool video,thank you for sharing yours with all peoples here,shows ways of quality life that indeed helps all to be example!

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