Video of a Seizure // not letting seizures define you

Raelynn had this seizure this evening. I have posted video of 150 of her seizures, but there’s so much more to her life than …


  1. It’s kind of ironic but true, it seems like dealing with challenges often seems to make us notice even more what we have to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing, we love you and Raelynn and your family and channel 💕😊

  2. I went to the water park with my stepdad and I was in my wheelchair and he pushed me around the water park and everyone was so accommodating. I was upset though because I couldn't do as much as I could as a kid but I still was happy to be able to do some stuff

  3. The scary part for me is how long she goes without breathing. I have seizures myself, and have had for most of my life. They don't define me, though, just like you said. Your words of encouragement are very meaningful to a lot of people, I'm sure. Thank you for your channel.

  4. This may be a stupid question but do you every hold her when she has a seizure or is that unsafe. I feel like scooping her up when I see her suffer. I was just wondering if you’re ever able to snuggle her like that or will it hurt her.

  5. While you standing and talking to her through the seizures.Does she feeling and hearing you?? My douther's seizure is more simple .it is like raylan' s seizure when it finished i mean when she starts moving her eyes and smileing. I hope that they can understand Us. coz we feel by them.

  6. Good morning Chris Abby and RaeLynn how are you all today I’m doing well today I had an anxiety attack the other day at the Verizon store but I’m doing well now I hope RaeLynn is doing ok today I am praying for you my friend love you feel better

  7. I understand you perfectly.
    Onli which through the faith of the seizures and epilepsy with some way will can understand you.
    Love her.
    Hugs from us.❤

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