Using Weed to Save Football: Chasing Strains (Part 1)

In this 3-part series, Kyle Turley takes us on his journey to to deal with the damaging effects of football through the use of marijuana. After an NFL career that saw …


  1. I was addicted to pain pills after I tore my ACL in a softball game my senior year in 2002…by 2010 I had 11 knee surgeries and I was highly addicted to pills

    Pain pills turned me into the most aggressive and meanest person you would ever meet…in 2014 I went to jail and went to rehab for a year…I'm 6 years sober off pain pills but I do smoke weed daily….they need to legalize it everywhere

  2. Simple isn't it really. I blaze the herb every day. And no man made drug has the same effect on my disorders as do the natural herb that can be used without having to be made in a lab. I also massively do not class cannabis as a drug it's a plant. Drugs are man mixed ingredients ect. Weed buds/flowers just like an apple/fruit on a tree can be picked and consumed in a variety of ways apples provide goodness ect, buds provide real natural medicene. Pharmaceutical drugs all have long term if not permanent side affects. I have a friend who uses weed for pain relief but the down side is he tried it after the damn doctors got him permanently addicted to tramadol. They wont even give him rehab as the tramadol dont work for him there an addiction. Oh I'm in england too where the real medicine is a crime. On the real tho really glad to see your chosen strain works. I'm a huge lover of the STARDAWG strain. Anything stong sativia. I feel free in my mind. My thoughts are not a million and one at a billion mph. I can concentrate properly, my anger dosent snap at silly and unnecessary moments over nothing, my anxiety disappears. My self esteem issues dont bother me. And most importantly it makes me feel me and real and free from the defected brain I was born with. All the best to you all and life and so on.

  3. The problem with having weed in a household with a kid is that the kid might get a little curious and experiment in their teens

    Man i wonder if my dad is dissapointed in me

  4. Fucking preach dude! Veteran with PTSD. Been on meds for years. Got my medical cannabis card last week and I’m happier and sleep better than I can ever remember. No more nightmares and amazing quality of sleep!

  5. So sad today. Today i had to yet again give up marijuana for a future job opportunity. Being prior military explains the first reason i had to give it up. When I got out i thought being in a state that its legal will be different…..NOPE. Im entering the health care field and once again will be scrutinized and tested for the substance. If people could just see the benefits first hand that this drug yields i bet it would be legal federally. He is right about it helping with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. I suffer from a wide complexity of injuries suffered in the military and i refuse to take anything that is derived out of opioids seeing the addictiveness and health consequences they produce. The great thing about weed is you get none of the side effects and the side effects that you get mainly get which includ: cotton mouth (dry mouth), increased appetite, and in some cases paranoia ( only occurs in some people and only happened to me about three times out of countless dozens of times smoking) the point that im trying to make is that for most people this drug is proven to work. I got great pain relief from it. I had relief from pent up anxiety and it really helped putting me to sleep. Its such a cure all drug that if you havent tried it i beg you give it a chance. If you drink alcohol then you should try smoking. IMO alcohol should have been the place of marijuana because it is more of a medicine then a drug in my opinion. The only reason that it was made illegal and criminalized is to fill the prisons and make the politicians rich. It also would bankrupt the pharmaceuticals company because if you can grow your own medicine you wouldn't need to depend on them to supply you with your medication. I encourage anyone that does not know about the benefits of this plant to watch JRE podcast on it to unearth some of the craziness as to why it was made illegal and placed on the same list as meth and the other hard drugs. If you didn't know that yes weed is in the same class 1 group as some of the worst drugs we have. Educate yourself seriously its an incredible plant and can fix so many problems in our society from creating clothes, medicines, bio-degradable plastics….the list goes on.

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