Using Cannabis Oil and Other Alternative Medicines to Relieve Lyme Disease Symptoms with Nick Risden

Lyme Disease opens the door to a wide range of terrible health issues and symptoms. Unraveling the causes of these symptoms and learning to treat oneself is …


  1. Blessings and more healing for Nick🙏🏽 thanks for the knowledge, hoping this can help save the lives of others suffering ❤️ with the right intentions, cannabis can save the world 🌎

  2. I have Lyme been fighting it for 12 years, i also use cannabis oil sometime it works for me and sometime it does nothing, so now i understand it could be the strain i use. Where can i get that strain you are talking about? I also grow and make my own oil. Rick Simson videos was what made me want to try it, i said to myself if it work for cancer it might work for Lyme.

  3. wow bro i take rso myself i got into micro doseing last few weeks but you a warrior thats some dose a gram would put me down its funnie igot the same hoodlamb jacket the much lov and blessings from ireland

  4. Note: There was quite a bit of unexpected extra noise from the furnace in Nick's home kicking on after we started and occasional passing cars on his country road. We did the best we could with what we had. The furnace does not last the entire video.

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