Town of Babylon opts in for recreation marijuana sales, consumption sites

Legalized marijuana is coming to the Town of Babylon.

Members of the town board voted on the measure: two voted no, two voted yes, with one abstention due to a conflict of interest.

The five-member body lacked a majority to opt out. If a municipality chooses to opt out of recreational marijuana sales and consumption sites, it can opt in later. But once the town opts in, it cannot reverse that decision.

Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer says he wanted more time to get the information and rules from the cannabis board by the Dec. 31 opt out deadline. But the decision is final and now the sale and use of recreational marijuana will be permitted in Babylon, alongside Riverhead and Brookhaven so far.

Schaffer says he’s is shifting his focusing to boundaries as to where and when people can sell and consume.

Licenses are expected to be requested and issued at the end of 2022. If those licenses are granted, Schaffer expects facilities to open in early 2023.

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