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Shift by MSNBC’s Seema Iyer travels to Colorado to learn more about the production of pot goodies, many of which are earning a bad reputation. » Subscribe to …


  1. I didn’t hear them report on the number of children who end up in the hospital from poisoning – tide pods, pills – or the number of teenagers who end up in the ER to get their stomachs pumped form alcohol. You can acknowledge risk while not fear mongering.

  2. Bad report. Just trying to bash on edibles kids could open a vodka bottle at home and drink theirself to death in minutes and when they eat a edible they will be high for a few hours and it MAYBE can have some minor negative effects on u growing up. And even that is not really 100% proven to be the fault of cannabis. And if someone too high trips and falls from the balcony its bad luck. I wonder how many fell from balconys in the same year because of alcohol intoxication. No reporta about that?

  3. Who again is regulating all the alcohol that any American can purchase which is orders of magnitude more dangerous than weed? I'll bet if we walked into the homes of families who use alcohol or marijuana, you will be able to sight alcohol in 50% of homes and marijuana less than 5% of the time.

  4. The kids death was stupid, 6x the recommended dose is only 30mg. That’s not very much at all. It’s horrible he passed away and I’m so sorry for his family but that had nothing to do at all with those edibles

  5. the title for this video is total clickbait. the moment she was going to talk about cannibis butter the alarm on the oven sounds and they cut the clip 😂😂😂

  6. Now the drug smugglers have nice image and are legalized, wasn’t one of the reasons of the construction of the wall on the southern border to stop the drug traffickers?, or to stop the competition from coming in? . I would like to see one of these young people face when they found out their young children are eating these “cookies “ , But I doubt they are parents 😒

  7. Here we just mix some bean powder/ bean flour (idk what it's called), salt and a bit of pepper with water and stir it to a fine paste (semi solid) and dip the buds and even the leaves and deep fry it.

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