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  1. Giirrllll… it’s like you are speaking to my soul! LOL! This is the information I have been dying for! Thank you for being so passionate about the benefits, you really do make a difference for people! And thank you for being awesome!❤️

  2. I’m so glad you did a video on macrodosing. Full spectrum is great for that. I micro-dose and it does wonders for me. I also like the journal idea. I need to start doing that. Also, love the videos. Sooo fun and informative.

  3. Lol you're such a mom, telling us we better brush our teeth after our weed gummy 🙂 Thanks for all the hard work you put in normalizing weed use.

  4. I was so waiting for this video!! I'm a newbie to the whole cannabis train. And I have some THC gummies I love, but I can only do them in the evening as they make me a little high. So I live in pain all day, cause I have to be a grown up and do grown up things, like driving kids. I have no idea where to start or what to look for when it comes to this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. I am so going to try the dog chews! I have tried so many different dog products that my dogs haven’t liked the oil I have to put on something and it’s all weird and the pills they won’t take.

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