The New CBD Oil? CBDV Benefits (Cannabidivarin)

The New CBD Oil? CBDV Benefits (Cannabidivarin) BUY CBDV Here (Use code ergogenic10 for 10% off): …


  1. Can't wait for this to never become legal in my country for literally no other reason than the unwillingness of our politicians to educate themselves on the fact not every "drug" is Satan. 😀

  2. Very interesting subject cbd oil.
    I have an interesting topic that would be very interesting to do a video on. Iron overload if you have the hemochromatasis mutation. Especially if you're homozygous with two C282Y genes. I just found out through 23andMe that I am compound heterozygous C282Y+H63D. Celtic curse from the Vikings. The reason this would be a good subject is because I like eating liver especially for its nutritional value but this might be a real big problem. Being 44 years old now it might be a good idea to do a full iron blood panel. So my question is would TUDCA really help your liver with this problem and others organs like pancreas? Anyways your content is awesome keep it up. Can't wait for your book.

  3. Lucas for your next video can you do something on how to increase the amount of dopamine when we do things. I’ll try elaborate take pramipexole and have sex it’s a d2/d3 agonist and the rush of dopamine pre orgasm is insane kinda like Benadryl/diphenhydramine. But take any recreational drug and your body produces lots of dopamine regardless of what you’re doing and when you do have sex or listen to music you don’t get the added dopamine your body would usually make, kinda like homeostasis, our body for the time being stops responding to external stimuli for additional dopamine. Just like taking exogenous testosterone we stop producing additional testosterone. Essentially what can we take to agonise our receptors to produce more dopamine when we do things rather than things that cause us to release dopamine regardless. I’m ADHD and my brain is kinda smart it knows where it’s getting it’s feel good chemicals from and it only wants that, any additional stimuli doesn’t have any feel good affect. Whereas Benadryl or prami actually makes you work for it as you usually would except causes a much higher bleed when you would do the things you enjoy. Essentially the after affects of a dopamine fast for 30 days. Everything you do feels amazing, music, sex, exercise etc the bleed of chemicals is so much more intense,.

  4. Very interesting I have to try it , i was wondering any tips on reducing cannabis tolerance specifically enhancing the euphoric and calming effects so i can benefit from less, thanks for the great video’s.

  5. Any advise on how to quit marijuana and especially how to heal the brain from use and other toxic components associated with marijuana smoke like butane and metals? 5 year user aged 20 especially dabs which are extra toxic. I have cistanche desertola and cordyceps I did lions mane for 2 years which I regret ur video was spot on. I just bought shilajjit as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated I bought ur ebook and enjoyed it looking forward to future content keep up the great work

  6. You say that therapeutic dose is 500mg, but you sell one bottle with 500mg which cost 100$ . It is seems quite expensive to experiment … Ok I will ask in different way- with what dose do you recommend to start for nootropic experiments (like mood enhancer, anxiety supression…) ?

  7. Given you're Australian, and I'd wager many of your viewers are too, it's probably worth mentioning right up front that Australians (and probably other countries) can't even order this stuff legally.
    Not to mention the fact that the recommended dose range is essentially nearly a full bottle at once of the linked product…that costs $99USD…ie, it's ridiculously impractical.

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