The house that hemp made – film director Steve Barron’s Margent Farm

Welcome to the farmhouse film director Steve Baron has built at his Margent Farm in Cambridgeshire using hemp grown in the surrounding fields. Discover how …


  1. Toxic mold is a very common incurable disease in North America, caused by living in homes that have mold. Hemp construction is mold resistant, this is the solution to a huge health crisis.

  2. Hi, what a calm, beautiful, and frankly expressed dwelling. Might it be possible to share more of the technical information about the house; I am sure I am not alone in wanting to learn more. Thank you, Barbara Lamprecht

  3. I woke up to find this house advertised on Modern House in my email box and my heart just sang with joy. Ive been an advocate for hemp for many years and have my own soft furnishings range in hemp called @high_end_hemp. It's a tragedy that government restrictions on hemp stop farmers from growing hemp freely and easily, it's also known as the god plant. It can be used for absolutely everything. Please read the British Hemp Alliance manifesto to change this and support the cause: Id also love to know what you think about my collection at High-End-Hemp. I want to buy this house so badly!

  4. thank you for sharing your beautiful home. I hadn't realized hemp could be used this way-it's so inspiring. My favourite element in the structure is the glass house-stunning

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