Suorin edge and Naked 100 CBD vape liquid

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  1. I don't know if my doctor will indicate this to me, but the option I have left was this one and if I don't leave the taste of a cigarette in my mouth, that's fine. will end my anxiety and i will be happy

  2. This didn't do anything for me I guess that placebo effect is you gotta believe in order to achieve lmao I think I'll go with a broad spectrum next time no additives no fillers to get a better effect than the ejuice way

  3. I just got some that was 600 mg and its really great. I have horrible anxiety and panic disorder and I also quit smoking cigarettes so I miss it. This has been great for all of that

  4. Hey man just want to know which vape system to get the best of my CBD vape oil? I'm using Smok Nord system and it works but I believe not the best system out there. Just want to know how to optimize my CBD vaping experience?

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