1. I would have enjoyed this more if they would have used a women with long beautiful hair 😍 VICE!!!! WOMEN ENJOY HAVING LONG HAIR!!! MAJORITY OF WOMEN IN USA 🇺🇸 HAVE LONG HAIR!!!! MEXICAN ASIAN IRISH EBONY….DUDE THEY have long hair and they love it!! Stop ✋️ forcing 😤 women into our faces with short hair!!!! Simple . Dude I have been from north Carolina too California I have seen 1000000s of women shopping having a good time WITH THERE HUSBAND'S TOO NOT SINGLE …..DUDE the insane woke culture scares 😱 women away!!! Only the weird girls cut there hair like that like women who hate men or women who are toxic feminist. Majority of Americans love ❤️ long beautiful hair and guess what it's hotter then ever! Liberal feminist 🙄 ruined that hair cut …it was popular 5 years ago and the female celebrities who chose this Liberal ugly hair cut almost every one spirald down hill and lost a massive chunk of fans …..best example you ask???? Hmm it's sooooo easy too pick one 🤔 hahaha Katty perry 😆 cut her hair and lost who she was because her management made her do that so she would appeal too woke idiots 😂 dude she went for the feminist look and still hasn't came back …her fans dropped her because she changed into a freak with a boys hair cut. Kristen Stewart don't even get me started 🙄 she is a mess hates men cut her hair and cheated with a director then she stars in charlies angels as a masculine lesbian her character was litteraly created too piss in the face of men!!!! Why would guys want too take there women too see ….THAT??? they wouldn't and they didn't that movie flopped HARD AF women hated it little girls couldn't relate and men can go fuk off???? Then that idiot women director had the balls too blame men for her movie flopping!!! Yes this is long I don't give a F . I'm sick of this 😫 women aren't men ok and men aren't women 😒 imagine asking this women if she loves her country? She would say I hate it it's racist. I can tell because those type of people anti Americans get that hair cut . Have a good day 😊 loptards

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