Seizure in her wheelchair that needed suctioning // SHE'S SO STRONG!

Raelynn had a seizure in her wheelchair that needed suctioning. Her wheelchair isn’t the safest place for her to have a seizure, since there are hard bars that …


  1. She's such a strong cookie
    She's such a beautiful little lady
    Shes the first person I've seen where her eyes roll up with her head
    Seizures are bad but this one seems better like milder

  2. I have an adult friend who has tonic clonic seizures and she seems to have no awareness of them during, and no memory after. Although of course she feels very tired after. But other people do seem to have seizure awareness and memory. I guess you can’t know with Raelynn, whether she has seizure awareness or memory, but I kind of hope she has no awareness or memory, it seems like that might be easier. Raelynn is very strong, I hope she was ok after, and had some extra good rest💗

  3. Rhealyn is strong and beautiful
    Hang in there you got this girl!
    Got bless you all
    I love that you’re a pastor
    So the place you’re in is a foster home or your family house?

  4. When I watch her having seizures I just think about people in the past who were similar to your daughter and wonder how they were treated because without the knowledge of seizures and epilepsy they look scary. Hugs to you raelynn xxxx

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