1. No matter how dangerous a plant from nature is from poison ivy to poison oak, it should be up to humans to learn to strive to educate ourselves to rise above, to live with the plant in a matter not letting it effect us in our day to day lives. Instead of having a fear based society (through propaganda) to push to eradicate and scold nature.

  2. Let's go CT!!! This is up to us!! It's time to LEGALIZE ALL THE PLANTS TO RETAIN OWNERSHIP OF OUR BODY'S, MIND, BEDROOMS AND GARDENS. We need free enterprise again and Capitalism where it is up to us the people give the reviews of whether something is unsafe or unsanitary not FDA and other Alphabet agents, coming to make money off the very people paying there salary's. This Drug War Hoax (run by the government) needs to come to end. If we are fooled in our one lifetime to fight for freedom, to retain our rightful ownership of ourselves, then we will always remain a number waiting to be deployed into wars for ISrael in the Middle East, waiting to be taxed to death. Instead of living free for this one lifetime we have to live this life on this Earth.

    #NoMoreLies #LegalizeFreedom #LegalizeLiberty #LegalizeTheConstitution

  3. I’m all for legalizing marijuana if THE GOVERNMENT DOSNT TAINT IT W OTHER CRAP!
    And NO it isn’t a gateway for other drugs! I’m a prime example! I never used any drugs except for marijuana which is a medical plant!

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