1. For my money, the reason that the government has stolen access from the
    people is because free access to the robust economic engine, and rich
    industrial, agricultural and medical resource of cannabis/hemp shifts
    power from the state to the individual… and the corporate cabal just
    can't have that.

  2. Senator Graham starts off by telling us that feeling better is a federal crime which never ought to be "out-right legalized".

    As a student of history, the research for western cannabis medicines began in 1840 with clinical studies conducted in India by an Irishman, O'shaughnessy, who later returned to London and then moved to the US. He reported a remarkable application for cannabis regarding seizures in an English medical journal in 1841.

    This means that the government, including congress, had intentionally changed the name of cannabis to marijuana because cannabis had proven medical benefits. That's why congress still calls the plant marijuana and not cannabis…so people might suffer needlessly.

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