Recreational marijuana will soon be legal in Arizona. What we can expect in the coming months.

The passage of Proposition 207 means recreational marijuana will be legal in Arizona soon. Lawyer Kaine Fisher of Rose Law Group in Scottsdale explained …


  1. Don't buy into the Hype , AZ will still prosecute you for DUI , so unless they fix the laws or educate police ( don't hold your breath) expect to get fucked twice , one for the tax and for the thousands of dollars to try to fight a DUI , best bet buy a 10$ gram from your neighbor and take one big hit , hold it in , every week once per week and get a cbd pen during the week that will cut your chances until the big wigs figure out that people who smoke drive better than my grandmother and that could take some time or don't drive

  2. I fucking hate Californians, liberal pieces of shits talking about how bad America is for colonialism but, here they are in Arizona colonizing it not assimilating. Fucking wrecking our state like the shit hole they came from.

  3. To all the people that will start a relationship with this plant please read this. This plant not only heals the physical body but also mind and soul. At the beginning of the relationship it will show you the real you. It will show you a heightened perspective of your self and life. As the relationship continues, it will become a tool for meditation, clarification, tranquility. Do not be scared off by the first few connections with cannabis. And remember, there are hundreds of different strains.

    History Fact: In 1974 the National Institute of Health paid researchers at Medical College of Virginia to find evidence that Marijuana damages the immune system, instead they found that THC slows down growth of 3 different types of cancer. The DEA quickly shut down the study and all further cannabis research.

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