1. Is anybody esle working to expose the lies that were distributed in the voter information booklet that was distributed?
    There is ONE neatly 80 year old who has created several " groups" and claiming to be Representing websites that do not exist as well as 3 seperate" arguments" listrd directly under their name..and the " story " they tell is easily debunled as fraud and lies with a quick google search. Was this info nof fact checked st all?
    Her son died of an opiate overdose after suffering from ptsd developed diring his time in the millitary for years, and HE said that cannabis helped him deal with it without having to take pharmaceutical psychoactive drugs. He only stopped using cannabis to apease his mothers passionate lifelong campaign against its legalization, shortly after he wrote hismother a heartbreaking letter about how misserable his life has become, and 2 days later at age 32 was found dead from a cocktail of pills.
    this version of events is coaborated by his freinds, family members, and his ex eife. Far from the " my son commited suicide at 16 by smoking a marijauna" that shes been pushing as truth for YEARS.
    YEARS.she has been called out several times before in other states, and has always refused to back up her statements with ANYTHING but " because i say so"
    But, beyond the inconsistencies in her version of events, and the massiveive attemps at inventing legitimacy when there is none( including citing websites that DO NOT EXIST, this person is NOT an arizona citizen. She is a snowbird that spends at most 4 months living in this state and hassnt done so in 2 years.
    I cannot be the only person that noticed this. It needs to be called out, ardessed, and exposed.

  2. I live in Oregon where it is legal. It has brought back family farms who were facing farm (farm aid days) foreclosure. My father and his father both lost our family farm in the early 90's we grew and distilled peppermint oil prices dropped so low we went from thriving to years of struggles prices of mint oil plummeted it cost more to grow and harvest than it was worth.
    We talked about the only crop that could save our homes would have been marijuana, unfortunately legalization came way to late for our family.
    Now jobs are on the rise in the marijuana industry from growers to harvesters to processing and packaging the many many people who work the dispensaries to distribute.

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