1. I'm glad it's better than drinking you know how many family's and family members would still be alive if weed was legal and not beer, not to forget to mention it helps with ADD ADHD when all you want to do is relax and so chores around the house like laundry,

  2. liquer is still quiker to the graveyard and its ok to drive on opites sorry cops no more easy targets do your fucking job stop crying now go get a dope dealer not a weed dealer

  3. This sounds great, but I’m more interested on how Congress going to keep the big company’s from monopolizing cannabis in New York. Already one company is plotting to open a campus in Buffalo.

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  5. Perhaps someone can tell me why are they still urine testing people on workmans comp? I mean seriously the drug tests cost 3/400.00 and we already have medical marijuana here in NY. IT has just been decriminalized legalized whatever in new Jersey. I was tested by the powerful elite of the military and the transportation industry for 20 years and never failed a test. Yet The medical,legal corporate Insurance cabal the" lets go to lunch and theyre picking up the tab: crowd in Albany, the lobbyist are struggling to choose who has more juice for them.

  6. New York State is a sh💩 show: 7 months in. Kathy Hokul was in Charge of WNY region. Now that Trump said no to federal assistance. Now its too late because we are moving into cold and winter season when everyone stays home
    – Cuomo promised this in his re election campaign and never came thru now govt is broke he will look into this. Maybe he can write another book about how great he is. Too bad WNY doesn't share the same feelings.
    – no travel only selected states
    – no movies now 25% open
    – every school district left to come up with their own guide lines leaving young parents to stay home because remote learning.
    – Essentials works left working while every one else sits home laughing while getting handed a $600/wk bonus
    I dont disagree with mask and public awareness but when the person in charge of our area is nowhere to be found is ridiculous.

  7. 300 million?
    More like 3 billion", and they know it. Every other state is making billions not millions, 300 million the first year maybe but New York State will be in the billions in 5 years.
    It's a no brainer. And if you want to know why it's because people are already smoking and have been for a hundred years so what the he'll right? YOU BETTER GO GET THAT OR NOT GET RE ELECTED!

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