Potential for Hemp Use in Biofuels

The videos in this series were generated for the University of Kentucky 2020 Virtual Hemp Field Day, which was held on December 8 &9 9, 2020. Specialists …


  1. Keep it up!

    Happiness is a house made of energy efficient cannabis based blocks and fiber insulation with 0 toxins, while powering up the house on clean fuels made of cannabis, while the wood work is made from eco friendly cannabis and far stronger without deforestation. My office paper is made of cannabis, my soaps, hair products, even the plastics are cannabis based and eco friendly while easier to recycle. My clothes are also made from cannabis. Outside I am surrounded by trees. Bringing more life than ever seen in a modern world without the need to cut them down as cannabis based woods out produce trees 20 fold. I have cows, ducks, chickens and pigs fed on cannabis seeds and leaves increasing food intake leading to stronger animals. Internally omega 3 6 and vital immunity vitamins and minerals are also increased without artificial injections. My car body is made from this light cannabis material which is far stronger and lighter. This car also uses cannabis based biofuels which do 90 miles per gallon and does not pollute like traditional fuels. In total I have helped maintain a small part of the planet which would mean total happiness for all if everyone had the same access to this wonderful ancient plant while enhancing it with modern technology! Thought I would share that with you on why its so vital for mankind! and to post it to anyone against this plant! Maybe they need to see, feel and find what happiness truly is! To be a part of the earth not a separation of it! 20 trillian dollar industry! great for people's health, energy conservation, environment and economy. If i want to smoke cannabis it is my right. I hate alcohol. 4.8 million people die per year from smoking and drink. Cannabis = 0. Whomever is against this plant is all about protecting their interests not the people's interests. I think its time people educated themselves on how much that plant can benefit everyone and our only home. Planet earth! (EDEN)

  2. Ethanol is far more precious than farmers realize — but not to burn it as a blend with gasoline in the internal combustion engine. Rather, ethanol can be used to make hydrogen to power fuel cells. Indeed, ethanol has so much hydrogen that it can be used straight in fuel cells. This can allow us to make green hydrogen and to simultaneously transport it as a liquid fuel across the country — and across the world.
    Don’t think so?
    Then check out this paper in the 12/28/2020 Journal of the American Chemical Society: Atomically Dispersed Ni/α-MoC Catalyst for Hydrogen Production from Methanol/Water

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