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  1. All drugs have side effect risks. Seizures should always be taken seriously. Medicine has quite the history and common sense goes a long way. Take tetanus and rotavirus, both have vaccinations.

  2. you are great man ,, i watch alot about Anti zieures medications , this is the best and easy to userstand ,, and all detailes i need ..

    if you can sir please, to do more AEDs with more details for Neurology physicians!

  3. Its take to easy morning and evening but it's very hard how its work in our body.
    Iam suffering from epilepsy disease last 21 years due to head trauma at age on 6 yrs
    Reason of epilepsy-calcified granuloma in right temporoparietal lobe

  4. Sir if you can please ans
    What is key checkpoint in the prevention of repititive firing within potential seizure focus …which ionic channel


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