Peak BRAIN performance ON KETONES

00:00 Intro 02:00 Dr Boz Ration pre- BHB Ketones 05:50 Book reviews 09:10 Brain health – Patrick’s story 17:15 Parkinson Patient story 32:10 College son’s …


  1. Recently ordered your course to be better able to lead a group. I am a Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist and a yoga teacher and studio manager who lost 85lbs after choosing a keto lifestyle. Rather than rely on my own credibility, I choose to add yours since you apply faith in God and common sense to good medicine.

  2. My catabolic dawn phenomema is getting out of hand. Just now this morning, bg 145 ketones 0.9 upon waking and bg 172 2 hours later. OMAD keto to carnivore.
    You know, ketones and glucose are not opposites. The liver makes both under the catabolic influence of glucagon. If you are making ketones, you are making some glucose too. For me it seems to be out of whack.
    I would say a good Dr Boz ratio just means you are insulin sensitive.
    About my brain: I am a 64 yo aerospace engineer. Apo E3/E4. AD runs in the family. Been keto for 24 years since diagnosed T2D in 1998. It saved my future. My mind is still 100% feeding on ketones all this time.

  3. Just started the Continium , as 2 year into keto carnivore i like the way you tell the story , not the way i was expected and maybe even better to make me take it to heart , I like " the case for keto" by Gary Taubes , but they are more technical 'ish and good also . But how you tell the message hits me better , thanks

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