Paul vs Woodley 2 | RECAP UFC 269 Oliveira vs. Poirier | Cruz vs Cormier | Ep 264 | BELOW THE BELT

Brendan makes an announcement about his future with Showtime and the future of this show, recaps UFC 269 Charles Oliveira vs …


  1. This is the dumbest take on why losses happen: being rich and successful… What about the NBA and Soccer players like LeBron and Ronaldo? Why don't they lose?… Doesn't make sense Brendan

  2. Not that my opinion matters or anyone cares but saying you think Justin gaethje will beat Olivera when he’s just beat Dustin who beat Justin and KO’d chandler who Justin couldn’t finish, crazy. And also thinking that Islam might struggle with Justin. You’re over-rating Justin. Khabib out wrestled him easier than anyone he’s ever fought whilst defending the belt

  3. Nunes came in game STFU saying she didn't want to be there etc .. she had someone in front of her that took her best shots and stood there and delivered back relentlessly! Do y'all not remember Diaz/McGregor 💁🏽‍♂️

  4. I would say khabib training and beating the guys. Not saying goat but a guy that seems like the glory not the money motivated him is khabib. John has 2 controversial wins on his record khabib got none.

  5. Funny Jake said he fought sick hahah I usually get sick watching him fight lmao his technique is dookie sauce supreme!!!! He was crossing his legs throwing sloppy bombs exhausted! Woodley was playing it to safe to not become a meme and it’s tough for him to get inside giving up that kind of size. “Fought with a broken nose and sick” it doesn’t count if a fat video game squid “Never ate a Veggggieee Dejjiiii” broke it mid fight 😂😂😂😂 what u fought Spudd Webb with a cold ???? What a warrior 🤣🤣 Lmao dude was a five six basket baller who never fought or really trained. Dude had two fights and he’s talking like Mcgregor getting at Aldo back in the day for his pull outs. He doesn’t have enough skin in the game to talk like that. Hats off that he shows up though and showed some heart getting rocked last time but fight at least 10 to 15 pros and have a winning record and then maybe mention your “war” stories. I’ll be honest I have a little curiosity about the Logan Tyson glorified spar but that Woodley fight was like watching a low level amateur boxing fight. The allures kinda gone. We saw what Jake could do against someone smaller than him that can defend themselves but someone his size with a coupe pro fights it’s gonna be ugly. There are so many better high level fights weekly to watch. Watching a guy get over paid to box below average doesn’t really interest me no matter how many followers he has. Sure you wouldn’t mind seeing if he gets caught but u can just watch the highlight everywhere right after if it happens. He looked decent for a you tuber with little experience and we saw how Woodley would box giving up size and reach but I don’t see any excitement in Jake stepping up in comp. it’s not gonna end well and I don’t ever see him actually crossing over to being a serious pro.

  6. How can you say Jon Jones is an outlier? The guy failed multiple drug tests and arguably lost fights. The drug thing alone ruins all the fights he won back then. The other day Brendan said he was done with Jones when he was violent in Vegas, now he is the outlier lol.

  7. These comments are hilarious and shows that Brendan using his past as an MMA fighter doesn't actually automatically mean you become an expert analyst in the sport. These repeated bad takes shows he doesn't do his homework, no in depth research or take watching, dude just phones it in, only time he is right is when he copies other analysts.

  8. DC was calling Sean O'M out for looking at the clock 2 fights ago. DC is still new at this gig as a color guy not a stats guy. Joe makes some fighters mad when he says oh hes hurt and the guys like fook I was

  9. I know your homies with The Paul bruvs, but how can you sleep at night after opening your show plugging that rematch that will sell 375 ppvs. Hopefully it bleeds them enough to stop and move on because you know they’re hiding an insane loss behind closed doors.

  10. Dustins gameplan was sound and proven how quick Charles took his back and finished him..

    They clearly identified that Charles is very dangerous in translation..if you lean forward he has the best guillotine in the UFC..and if you turn away he has a phenomenal back take game…he can do it standing or on the ground.

    Dustin said post fight the fence was too far he couldn't butt scute and get up without exposing his back or he decided to hold..

    That was the right choice . because he survived the round…

  11. Back in the day Brendan was arguing with Eddie bravo that Nunes would have no chance against Ronda. Even the hard cores had no idea ronda was Gonna get smoked by holly. That for sure was more of a surprise than Peña beating nunes. Leading up to ronda’s first loss, we handnt really seen any indication she couldn’t rag doll every women alive. Pena winning was a shock, but not a huge surprise… nunes has shown the ability to wilt. She always blows girls out… I’ve never seen nunes come back for wilting or grind out a tough win.

  12. If ur shit isn't on YouTube and it's under subscription starting January 1st you're about to lose about half of your audience… but you know that, so you must have estimated an extremely high ROI with whatever your next move is… thicccboy becoming an official production company/its own kind of network where you have a bunch of shows????? It's something more than "podcast income" bc he has never felt secure and has been making it for years. He's gonna do something that's even bigger than 5 shows and all that shit

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