Partial (Focal) Seizures

In this video, Dr Mike explains the categories of focal seizures, such as; – Simple – Complex.


  1. Hello Dr Mike,
    I had 2 seizures when I was at the ages of 6 to 9 years old. I would stare down play with my fingers and walk around in circles or back and forth. I felt like I may have been unaware of what happened until I feel like I came to but, my mom said she don't think I ever passed out or anything like that. I am 53 now. I was told I would out grow them and after the second one I was put on Dilatian which had to be reduced due to it was slowing my brain too much. I had to learn how to read and other things. I came back up but maybe not as I was from before taking this drug. A few years later my mom took me off the medication and I did good besides still slow at some things as far as memory and learning. I went for maybe 40 + years nothing then this year Sept 03 early evening I had a grand mal seizure out of no where. I had to go to the hospital over the weekend. I had mri and CT scans done and I got put on Keppra for 3 months. I saw a neurologist on November the 15. He said from the hospital notes with no pictures of my scans that it is a malformation of brain tissue that didn't migrate to where it should have. The scans showed 2 small white bright spots on my right frontal lobe. He said I had to take medication the rest of my life now. He said that the chances of me having another seizure was great. I don't get how or way this might be happening now after over 40 some years. I have to have a wake sleep eeg done on Jan 03 next year and a ambulatory 24 eeg done on Jan 24 and go back the next day to have it removed. I just wanted to see what you think about that and any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated if possible.

  2. I am from India. My 9 years old child is suffering from partial sizzures further last 2 and half years. Mri, recently done eeg is normal. But previously done eeg was not normal. Dr started medicines and it was under control for 2 and half years but when Dr. Tappered and then stopped one medicine (oxcarbazapine) then almost 2 -3 weeks again problem started. I can give you all the details related to him. How can I contact you, I have to discuss something with you.Regards.

  3. I've had epilepsy since I was 4 years old I have scoliosis in my lower spine sciatica down both my legs from child abuse I've had my brains bashed in I took my hand and felt my brain from the front to the back blood gushing out everywhere I ran into the neighbors house his wife put a towel on my head and was freaking out I don't remember anything after that I don't even remember being in the hospital or ever going there I guess I was in a coma don't know how long either they had me in a Halo screwed my skull back together with wires and Staples and stitches and drain hoses I've been in a full body cast before up to my armpits from my dad ripping me out of a chair and ripping me across the living room and snapping my left leg in half brains bashed into concrete walls in the basement thrown off stairs thrown through walls out second third story windows drowned stabbed strangled burned smothered punched hit slapped hung shot at blowing holes through the house strangled while sleeping and being stabbed the list goes on and on and on I think I've had everything there is done to me and I'm still here motherfucker I've gone totally blind from it a couple of times talk about scary to loose your sight good thing I was in my house and not driving a car down the freeway when I get tired it's sound induced focal seizures any little sound ramping up feeling before it like you are hooked up to a power pole and someone is cranking up the switch weirdest feeling ever body jerking I think I've had all the problems accosiated with it fun stuff not ringing in my ears touch I think I'm partially deaf as well nothing wrong with me thinking a bunch of problems I've had leg paraylisis as well hopping on 1 and dragging the other to go to the bathroom they go numb all the time constant pain 24/7 feel like I'm on downers all the time like a heroin junkie I don't know what normal feels like it sucks I wouldn't wish this on anyone I'm 38 now to all you child abusers out there I have no sympathy for you at all I don't sleep at night hardly I'm up like clockwork if you believe there is a God well there is he's up there just have to hang a left on that road on the other side it won't be there when you get there you have to wait for it to appear it will be to your left it will look like this about 5-6ft wide with 2 white glowing lines down both sides and only 3 sets of footprints that have ever walked down it before this is the correct way to go to Heaven don't follow the rest of them down that road it will look like this everything is pitch black but you can see forever no beginning and no end and no other side on the left hand side is a white glowing line down it feels like cold soft mud under your feet this road is concaved with billions of footprints down it off in the distance you will see them all walking down it see through black shadows that were once man branded in their foreheads looks like this ancient calligraphy with red and white light gleaming out the numbers don't follow them at all stay put far warning it will be your last buddy so don't move wait for this path to appear to your left and run down it if you want more directions just ask me but the reason I don't sleep is because my stepdad was a psychopath he tried to kill me all the time and 1 thing I noticed when I was a kid is this was always in my house Mr super condensed black shadow with red glowing eyes and red and white light gleaming out cracks in his skin you can see all the heat rising off of his head looks like a smouldering coal cannibal freak Satan himself yeah him buddy shall I tell you what he looks like in the flesh as well or do you get the drift man? You can call me crazy all you want I don't care

  4. Im 26 never had a seizure and one day sitting down randomly out of no where i instantaneously began to shake or spasm violently in my arms and body and i was conscious in a fog almost but completely out of control of my body for what i can guess to be 5-10 seconds.
    Can anyone with epilepsy please tell me if that sounds like a seizure???

  5. Have you guys experienced deja vus, smelled weird scents, and tasted flavors (which I do not know how to describe), and goosebumps without doing anything? Like it just happens. I consider these as auras because these are the unusual "sensations" I started experiencing by the time I noticed something uncomfortable is happening to my body. It took two and a half years before I got my first generalized seizure– and anti-convulsants helped me "normalize" feeling "normal" again.

    BUT, these sensations happen up till now that sometimes cause me to pass out. I always try to tell about this with my previous doctors, but most of them say an aura is something I cannot recognize to experience because it only seems like "daydreaming".

    I found it sad that my current doctor cannot hear me out with this "aura" concern. Sometimes I don't know if it's still aura or what.

    Thank you very much for this video, Dr. Mike. This helped us understand our condition better.

  6. I have a question I have episodes where I am fully aware of what is going on around me with no other symptoms but I can’t move or talk is this a type of seizure I also have Tourette’s if that has anything to do with that

  7. I’ve been newly diagnosed, and this explained so much for me. I’m an ICU RN and I even specialize in Neuro Intensive Care. But rarely or never do I have to see patients with these types of seizures so my experience with them is none. So thankful to have found this video to break down exactly what I am experiencing.

  8. Hi bro the video was very helpful but I’m 17 and I’m very scared I’m pretty sure I had another one of these today and had my first a week ago just about and I get pins and needles over my whole body mostly my stomach,face,eyes, and during this period I can’t walk and my hands lock up and all curl up in the palm of my hand and I instantly feel scared and lost. I can’t talk either and I see stuff too 🙁

  9. These started a week ago, the hospital told me it was stress, gave me topiramate and valium and sent me home. I'm having approximately 10 a day. Meds aren't working. What should I do now?

  10. So I was born with I think was frontal lobe epilepsy(parents told me some time agao), and have not needed mediaction or treatment since childhood(cannot even remember getting treated) but always saw things that were not there as a child, and till today have moment where I stare off into space for 10sec maybe longer but I don’t notice that any time had passed. Could this this be the epilepsy?

  11. My mom has partial complex seizures where it seems like she’s conscious and operating but doesn’t seem to talk or recognize people around her for a few minutes(kind of like she’s operating on subconscious). Then when she comes back, she can’t remember what happened, but knows she had a seizure because she’ll feel nauseous after words.

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