Paradigm Shift #5 Destroying 6 myths of Landrace Cannabis

The word Land Race in the cannabis community can at a mention stir up a lot of controversy and angst. there is much …


  1. Arjan from greenhouse seeds is still polluting landrace areas with there shit genetics, but they say it's okay because they are saving landrace genetics, what a load of balls, they do it for cash, he's just a dodgy self important Dodger!

  2. Collection of landrace since 1990
    I grew one outside this year in UK
    Not suitable climate (obviously)
    I gathered them on location in India
    1990. Check my video.
    Very interesting structure.
    It is also POLYPLOIDAL and suffered no insect damage,grown in a compost pile from old root balls stalks and leaf.

  3. Same here on the seeds,,, I got them from collecting bag seeds. I can not afford to travel the world to meet landrace cannabis so I had to wait for the world of cannabis pass by me.
    For 7 years it was a flop but I got seeds, very few. I took these seeds each year and grew next to another collection of bag seeds.
    I grew everywhere I could,,, in the woods,, do or die only the strongest surviving. Then one year ,for about three years , I took all the knowledge,,, I say God and mother nature taught me,, and put the seeds on a dead tree near a vine.. During this three years of tribulations, 4me, I never watered feed trained these plants in the wild. Letting thousands of bee's for these three years do open pollination,, letting nature bring in other plants pollens. These bee's,too me ,unlocked genetics in the cannabis plants.
    These have me at something way different than I have ever smoked since the 70's. The smells are biblical to awful. The medical use was very different really works no hype.
    To make it easy I say landrace but its wild weed 4me,,, landrace to me is a race against the land,, cannabis in the wild is one of the first weeds to grow.
    I've been sending out these wild seeds to Colorado Washington Oregon California Michigan Oklahoma since 2014.
    I trust Pete here at future cannabis project with my wild genetics to get them out to breeders,, from God's creation to the breeders and growers,, for the consumer.
    Trust 100% in future cannabis project.
    I am a medical marijuana patient,, I do grow and breed at home,, anyone in the st. Louis area needs seeds or cuts I would appreciate your time in traveling here. I'm disabled and don't have drivers license,, so I can't drive.

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