NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil Review!!!

Welcome to the latest episode of CBD Sesh! In this Episode, I review NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Does NuLeaf Naturals live up to the #1 hype?


  1. I’ve been using NuLeaf for over six months. It is the best CBD, it’s organic , no additives, flavors or colors . It helps me a lot with anxiety. Just be careful because you test positive for thc while using this

  2. I started taking a week ago or two, I have been recovering from corona, am a long hauler, previously was having flare-ups, severe headaches, breathing issues, severe pain, since then I feel way better, my headaches happen very frequently and other issues.

  3. I wish I would have seen this last year as I, too, had pinched nerve and then carpal tunnel all of 2019. I'm going to order some. I've been doing some research for a little while now. I also have other body pain in back and legs so I'm hoping for good things!! Thank you!

  4. I just started NuLeaf CBD oil and I have chronic pain from Gulf War Illness. Fifteen drops took away all my pain in my body it’s hard to believe. I had to call them immediately and thank them for giving my life back. My pain meds were taken from me because of Obama and Trumps war on opioids. I get a discount because I’m a Veteran so it’s affordable. My anxiety and depression is gone as well. God has given me a second chance and I’m so thankful !

  5. The microdosing is in your head… I was using CBD Shaman Water Soluble 300mg 30ml but only lasted one week.. The guy said i should have been doing microdosing as i was taking to much. LMAO… Since i switched to LostLeaf iv been using far less as its lasting longer in my body.. The Shaman Water Soluble stuff only lasted a short time and i was looking to get high off flower and the stress was coming on hard… I was taking 1ml 3 times a day… LostLeaf i take 1ml every 24hrs!

  6. Im using TrueLeaf 900mg 30ml at $60 with tax, its made in my town. I am now over a week off smoking weed and my knee feels like new.. I have 1 of the 2 ACL's filly ripped and a rip and a severely ripped meniscus.. No cravings to get stoned… CBD is a true gift from God!

  7. Hi, thank you for such an informative video. I’m going to have surgery and bought the 4850mg bottle of this. I wanted to know if you know of any drug interactions this may have since I’m going to be on antibiotics, blood thinners, painkillers an so on after surgery. Also can you overdose or addiction? Thanks for your help!

  8. Markers on the dropper would be nice, but we don't care if we only get 13 drops rather than 15, or 17 for that matter.
    Yes, the price is high, but the product is pure with no additives (so you're not paying for something that is of no benefit), and we get a 30% discount and buy the bottles that give the least price per drop.
    If you don't like the taste, then you're either very very picky, or haven't tried doing a breath mint afterward. The taste will be gone in moments. NO BIG DEAL. It's CBD oil, not sweet tea!

    CO2 extraction, 
    no additives added, 
    tastes like strong green tea (IE., not bad at all),
    third party lab testing of every lot and they are available to us,
    plants grown by the company and cloned for keeping the strains optimized, 
    10-15 drops is all you need, 
    glass dropper has a tip that gives measured drops,
    dark glass bottle protects from UV,
    lots of different sizes and price ranges to choose from,
    30% discount for seniors, plus a host of other discounts for various people, verifiable illnesses, and select career fields,
    tax free (or maybe it's included in the price?
    free 2-day shipping,
    awesome customer service.
    No promises or false claims, but then they don't have to. This oil works.

    Our perceived benefits:
    My wife and I both take 15 drops every night and none during the day.
    We sleep better and fall back to sleep quicker in the middle of the night,
    We both have had Interesting and sometimes vivid dreams, but they're never bad. In fact, most of my anxious dreams are gone. From about day 1,
    Inflammation and arthritic pain for both of us has decreased,
    My everyday morning anxiety is all but gone, and daytime stress levels have decreased a LOT.
    My wife claims to have more energy and desire to work around the house, though I haven't seen that in myself … yet.

    Buy one of the smallest bottles first, then you and your significant other will have 2-3 weeks to decide if you want to stay on it.
    We had guests for a 3-day weekend and they took some of ours each evening. On the third day, they ordered their own.
    We've been taking it almost 3 months now, and will keep using it.
    If you buy it for long-term use, look at each bottle size and qty of bottles you order. This makes a big difference in the price per ml or per drop.
    With our 30% senior discount, we buy the 2-pack of 1450 ML bottles. This lasts us 10 weeks, which works out to less than $10 a week per person. For 7 15-drop doses a week per person.

    And no, I'm not affiliated with NuLeaf. We just believe in it and the company.

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