New medical marijuana dispensary opens on Pittsburgh’s South Side – WPXI

PITTSBURGH — A new medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors this week on Pittsburgh’s South Side.

“We’re really excited to have our name here on the South Side of Pittsburgh,” said Julia Wood, General Manager at the Beyond/Hello dispensary on East Carson Street.

Wednesday marked the grand opening, and Wood said people were lined up outside.

“This is a pretty underserviced area,” she said.

The dispensary marks the first for the South Side. A map of dispensaries provided by the state reveals several locations in central Pittsburgh neighborhoods, but fewer options south of The Point.

“We definitely felt like there was an opportunity to meet a need in this area,” said Area Manager Randy Dickinson.

Channel 11 spoke with people at several neighboring businesses, and they all felt hopeful that the dispensary will attract new people to the area, increasing foot traffic.

“There are some empty store fronts on the South Side, so the more it fills up, the more businesses, the better, I think,” said Zack Edgar, owner of Zeds. “Hopefully that’ll be a good thing.”

The dispensary is also bringing new jobs to the neighborhood; currently, the business is fully-staffed with about 20 employees, Dickinson said.

“Hopefully, as our business needs increase, we’ll continue to hire people into the business,” Wood said.

Woods said the dispensary offers education in addition to products.

Individuals must have a medical marijuana ID card to make purchases. For more on the state’s requirements, visit

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