NEW! £1200 Giveaway Infused Amphora CBD Review

Infused Amphora has caught the attention of the press. The Amphora Brand is being recognized globally, as well as featured in multiple news outlets and articles …


  1. i would like a device, really interested to test the benefits!

    Also just wanted to say a big thank you to E Cig City, sent me a 60ml Lol's Custard instead of the 30ml I ordered as a thank you, lovely flavour and a great store!

  2. Amazing review. Well worth the wait! I would love the full kit please. By the way, that blue slush skull labs juice is out of this world. Sending good vibes from Hampshire.

  3. interesting review …very interested to try these ……looking for something to help with pain … always on pills for chonic pain ….would like a full kit with one would help with pain or sleep which is also difficult with pain so sick of taking pills

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