NASCAR Cup Series: Pocono Organics CBD 325 | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 6/26/21 | Motorsports on NBC

Kyle Larson’s tire goes flat on the last lap at Pocono Raceway, which prevents him from a 4th-straight points win and hands the victory to Alex Bowman.


  1. Huge Ford fan , Ford you couldn’t win a race this year if you were the only car on the track your joke this year we are embarrassment thanks to nascar for taking 70 pounds of down force out of are cars

  2. I don't hate Kyle Larson I just dislike his car owner!! Even the Petty's new win to back off this guy goes out and wins five championships in a row as a car owner marked by bad economy!.. and now in a very questionable economy he shows up as the bad gun once again car owner?🎶 I might be sour grapes but I don't think I'm spilled milk?

  3. Interesting how Ganassi's performance instantly improved after those part failures at COTA, it's funny business works. Chip must have called Rick out on the matter.

  4. Steve jinxed him by talking about his previous wins before he crossed the line to collect his 4th points paying in a row but would have been his 5th in a row

  5. You cannot stop Larson now. He's going to win at least 80 races before he retires. He should have 5 in a row (counting the All-Star race) and I imagine is back up car is going to be beastly fast tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised to see him win it and lead 3/4ths of the race.

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