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PENSACOLA, Fla. (WALA)- Since medical marijuana became legal in 2016, dispensaries like Sunnyside Pensacola have opened to help patients with their medical needs. Cris Rivera, Regional President of Cresco Labs says Sunnyside opened for the first time last week after two years of trying to expand into Pensacola.

“There are a ton, a number of medical patients that exist in Pensacola,” said Rivera.

Many doctors recommend cannabis as a treatment option for all sorts of ailments… anything from pain, cancer, even mental health.

“What we offer in cannabis is another way to look at how we solve or provide relief for people’s ailments,” said Rivera.

Brianna Latourelle says medical cannabis is part of her treatment plan for Fibromyalgia and mental health.

“They had me on all different kinds of stuff, I basically felt like a medical dummy on just all different kinds of meds,” said Latourelle. “The only thing that kept me off of everything and kept the pain away was medical marijuana.”

Latourelle says her life has changed for the better since medical marijuana was legalized.

“I wouldn’t be here now almost three years sober without it,” said Latourelle.

To use medical cannabis, you have to be a registered medical patient in the State of Florida.

Sunnyside Pensacola says its focus is education and supplementing advice from a patient’s doctor so patients can get the exact treatment they need.

“What we can do is help you understand strain types, strengths,” said Rivera. “So that we can have a conversation with you alongside your doctor’s recommendation to get you the right medicine.”

Rivera says there are many different ways to use cannabis.

“I think that’s one of the bigger misunderstandings. I think everyone’s like oh it’s for smokers,” said Rivera. “Cannabis has evolved.”

Latourelle says the many different types of products make a difference for patients.

“I like the pens. These are the best,” said Latourelle. “They also have edibles. You can eat it if that makes you feel better.”

Again you must have a recommendation from your doctor for a specific type of treatment that allows you to become a registered medical patient in the State of Florida. Only then are you eligible to buy medical cannabis in Florida.

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