Making Hemp Paper with TINY e PAPER CO – HEMP ALREADY Ep 1

We visit hemp paper company Tiny e Paper Co and founder Erica Halverson in this episode. Making hemp paper out of hemp stalks and CBD biowaste, Erica’s …


  1. Why haven’t we switched from Tree paper to Hemp paper? Well you have William Randolph Hearst. In the 1930’s he led a smear campaign against it, spreading misinformation that Marijuana causes violent and rebellious behavior in children, teens and young adults in an effort to protect his corporate investments and other interests in the Timber industry. Because hemp at that time was poised to replace wood as an inexpensive raw material for the production and manufacturing of paper. And he was afraid that if people did switch from wood to hemp to produce paper, he would be forced to take a pay cut from his dividends check and he would be losing money.

  2. Amazing! Thanks for this video! Very well presented and informative. I am so happy this is happening! I’ve been hoping for alternatives to tree papers for a long time. I’d love to see more of your products around! I’ve made a switch to some bamboo products. Im curious how hemp compares to bamboo in a responsible growing and production sense as well as a finished product…?

  3. Costa Rica is close to legalized industrial hemp without license and CBD with license.
    The legislation process is on their final rounds and probably the next year there will be the green light for industrial hemp grow and production.
    I am interesting in hemp paper and bio-plastic (especially for drones design and manufacturing).

  4. This is beautiful!!! I love it. Your company should also do a buy back of the products you sell as a recycling incentive!! It may also help add to sustainability. You won't have to grow new plant's if you reuse your product! You need to take over the paper company please. Sell your product to amazon and other packaging 📦 companies!!!

  5. I am shocked at the difference in efficiency levels between the two. The time it takes to make both and the amount of water they both use. What the hell are we waiting for this is stupid. I would grow acres of this stuff if I knew it was on the market.

  6. I like the type of paper she uses, please whats her name, does she have any social media, i wonder if hemp production is cost effective. had a debate with someone. he was saying making papers with hemp is stupid and a waste of money

  7. Imagine this. The government subsidies hemp growth to farmers to encourage carbon capture. It yelids three times a year as one of the most efficient crops and nitrating plants in the world. also in rotation it improved soil quality and minimizes the need for weed killer and fertilizer whilst making great cattle feed. Companies like Amazon could make their packaging from hemp at a fraction of the cost to wood paper. Ship products. Packaging collected and recycled into brickets by power companies who burn them to make energy for steam turbines. sell the energy. You then have a perpetual industrial consumer system for energy production and carbon capture whilst reducing deforestation and plastic packaging. They knew this in the 30s and 40s. Why on earth are we not doing it now?

  8. What different step would be required to make it into rolling paper? Really need an answer tryna start a little rolling paper company but i dont have lots of knowledge on the subject im tryna educate myself

  9. Moving to the South from CA soon, any starting point suggestions? I'm torn between production and supply…I'm figuring the supply side of hemp would be easier for a beginner and starting point, overall. Thanks, in advance.

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