Making Every Moment Count! What Sparks Me Joy while fighting Stage Four Cancer? Moving Vlog!

Making every moment count! Moving vlog, packing and precious moments with family and a special heart to heart about what sparks me joy. Epidemic sound …


  1. Let’s try today cuz I’m just that determined❣️I put a Me on vid for YOU THAT “other cool place you have where you get messages and “ d m s “ starts with the letter “EYE” and second word starts with the letter “JEE” like the first letter of our beloved FATHER God♥️🙏🏼🌤✔️☺️🥰❤️‍🩹
    I’m full of infection from a pressure sore on my hip if all places and cannot get in to dr til wed aft.@5-6pm and have to wait in line outside oh brother. Anyhow. Any prayers I’m sooooooo thankful.
    Sweet JODI💝 look at you EYE.JEE LIKE AN “INSTA POT,” but the first word.
    Ok I’ve likely confused the heck outta you poor girl! 🙄

  2. Prayers for you and family. Hope all goes well with his surgery, will be praying ! Always, had our Christmas the second weekend of Dec. so everyone could come ! So many in-laws and out-laws haha that it was best. Celebrated our 51st anniversary today (28th). Wow, don't know how that happened since I am only 25, haha ! (70 next spring ! ) Love and hoping all goes so smooth you will hardly feel the move. One day at a time, sweetheart !

  3. Jodi, so happy for your upcoming move. your family is fabulous, husband. I noticed your license plate was fully on camera. you might want to edit that out. looking forward to your next video.

  4. I didn't see your fragrances listed below…I love so many of the scents you mentioned, but usually react poorly to perfumes (so many weird allergies, but I love the idea of a signature scent). I might like the ones you mentioned. Please let me know where you found them? Thanks!

  5. And don't overdo unpacking stuff. Just do a little each day or when you get a spurt of energy don't overdo it. If you get some of your kitchen done where you have plates, coffee maker, etc. set up cause you need that, and your beds made up and bathroom stuff out that you need then the rest can wait! It doesn't have to be fast or all done in a week, it will still be there. 😉

  6. Hi Jodi, You rock! I enjoy your videos. I beat breast cancer stage 3 without chemotherapy, radiation & surgery in less than a year…. I changed my diet, exercise every day , did intermittent fasting and fasting for almost 2 days , I couldn’t do the juicing….. I took some supplements , off label drugs and did high dose vitamin C 3 times a week for a couple of months ….. let me know if you want to talk…. God is good! cancer can be a blessing and you can beat it too! Hugs

  7. I forgot to tell you on your other video that I absolutely loved hearing you and your husband singing together. Both of you have beautiful voices and actually harmonize really great together! ❤️ Also, your piano is absolutely gorgeous! Since I'm still fairly new to your channel which one of you play the piano. I myself am a singer and piano player as well. When your husband started singing the Christmas song I really hoped he would've sang all of it. It's my absolute favorite Christmas song!

  8. I'm in process of selling my home as well. I told the people to forget it after all of their demands. Go over there today and someone had taken a ball bat to my mailbox. Arg

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