Learn About The Health Benefits Of Organic Pea & Hemp Protein with Thomas DeLauer

Learn about the health benefits of organic, plant-based, Warrior Blend protein powder with pea and hemp protein. With a full amino acid profile and MCT’s, it is …


  1. Thomas I remember one video you mentioned about sticky protein ? I have a problem with sticky protein in blood vessels in my brain, is there something I can do to make or lessen this problem? I know your not a Dr. but I thought there was a video about a component that cuts down the development of this sticky protein? Please help answer this question if you can ?

  2. I almost always go with a Vanilla flavor, but the Sunwarrior Vanilla is awful. Chalky, and bland, no matter what you mix it with. However, their Chocolate is one of the best!

  3. I don't how to say this, but any time I search for something and the video of this guy show in the result, I will not click on his videos because I am sure it is already a commercial, Like all the information he is giving is finally to drive you to his purpose, which is to sell you his products and services.

  4. Warrior Blend Organic what’s the best flavor?
    And if I am 225 pounds how much protein can I consume and when will it be the best time to consume it while I’m trying to lose weight and maintain muscle

  5. Hey Thomas! Thanks for all of the content and ordered Sun Warrior.

    I typically buy Truvani but their recent blend says “Pea Protein Concentrate”. Does the same “isolate vs concentrate” apply to Pea Protein as it does Whey? Thanks & truly appreciate you 🙂

  6. I am a truck driver and looking for a health meal replacement but i am worried that the hemp will show up in a a random drug test . Would anyone know if the hemp would show up in a drug test. Thanks

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