Largest Cannabis Dispensary in World: Planet 13, Las Vegas

Largest Cannabis Dispensary in World: Planet 13, Las Vegas As the largest cannabis dispensary in the world, Planet 13 strives to provide the best quality …


  1. Digging the show first off. I have to say though I Fucking hate what yuppies are doing to weed. I love science and all but feel deep down that ppl w hippie roots should be running the show not these type A kooks. I highly doubt this dude even partakes. Am I wrong?

  2. Couldn't these marijuana houses screw up hemp crops if there is lateral gene transfer? There is hemp that has the gene for the chemicals in marijuana knocked out.

  3. Impressive Dispensary! Unfortunately it's like my state will never have such a thing! Dumb ass state, their too dumb here to see the benifits outweigh the liabilities. I live in one of the last 5 states that don't have even medical Cannabis for the ill! The selfish bureaucracy is driving me crazy. Guess I should have moved years ago.

  4. Woah, looks like the people of Planet 13 have really thought of everything. I especially love the restaurant integration aspect of their facility & think that it'll be fantastic to also have a consumption lounge. The Zen Lounge would be my naming suggestion ☮️

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