1. The people that don't believe that there's not going to be a reval, you better think again, I know some people that kept other countries currency after wars was over and it took 14 years for theirs and when the currency came back on the forex let's put it this way they wasn't crying going to the bank. Everything has to be in order, everything takes time and this is government so yes it takes years because Iraq has to reestablish themselves and prove they can make it without our American currency. It will happen!!!

  2. Thanks Pimpy. Good news for Iraq that Bobble-head Biden is in office. Oil already up to $75/barrel and only going up from here. Was cheap AF when Daddy T was pres, the glory days be over.

  3. Dinar is a scam. The governments and banks involved can create a new sonar design making the old ones useless, and exchange must be done in Iraq by Iraqis. Small time holders in the US stand to get screwed

  4. Mr gaub forgot to state that the final payment was still due so the UN has been taking money from the oil sales. Now that the final payment has been collected and paid to Kuwait!

  5. Watch for announcement of massive gold finds from Baghdad to the east it will become a huge asset for Iraq soon. There is also more phospherous in Iraq than most countries which will diversify Iraq's income. That will make them less dependent on just oil as a income for the country!

  6. Sitting on a giant stack since 2009,this will change just around the time of WTO membership!Then all can exchange at any bank witout too much exchange fee. The banks will use machines to authenticate the currency. There are no such thing as tiers and no such thing as exchange centers also no such thing as 800 numbers. I mentioned many times that Iraq was not out of chap 7 until final payment is made to Kuwait. When Iraq becomes sovereign they will not use US currency as a daily currency. We will only know after a announce the change at the CBI,nobody will have inside info in iraq. There can not be an in country rv that isn't how currency internationally moves in the world. We are close now!

  7. ❤❤ Even a broken 12 hour clock is rite twice a day.
    We've been hearing for years it's going to RI this month. If I say it's going to rain today, every day until it rains. Then when it does, I can say see I told ye it was going to rain.

  8. I'm wondering if Iraq don't do something soon the world will be ramping up green energy and the demand for oil will fall off the cliff leaving Iraq with zilch. That would really stink for Iraq to have this opportunity only to slip through their fingers.

  9. Once the dinar has all restrictions lifted…The dinar will be calculated to a fare market value by the CBI before going international…Not from the ''restricted'' program rate going up in increments…What part of that can't you phantom…The dinar can easily open @ .68 cents…Do the math and research for yourself…It has been stated by Shabibi the dinar could open @ $1.17…10 years ago…You really need to research the issues associated with coming out of chapter 7…The procedures involved in calculating the surrounding area currencies and the function the dinar will play…Think Silk Highway…liquid natural gas…biggest/purist gold vein…new crude oil fields…Kuwait paid…independent electric grid…and you still keep spewin' the CBI will be OK starting with a program rate…LMAO

  10. I've had my dinar since 2002 and I surely figured it would have been a new rate by now but I just sit back and keep watching searching and listening,thanks Pimpy for all your free videos and I did go sign up for the free silver thanks for that bit of advise,I don't gamble but what the heck all they ask you for is your email address. I'm in high hopes around April 2022,idk I just have a feeling. I'm no one special,I'm not a "guru" I'm just someone who reads and listens. God Bless!

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