1. What's the best sativa CBD hemp flower or even a hybrid that's actually sativa dominant that I can smoke in the day and still get shit done? I live in LA. Any help would be greatly appreciative 🙏🏾

  2. Whats Your fav Tweedle farms or other cbd strains from any source for overall effect of upliftment? Not talking taste or otherwise, purely bodyMind effect. Thanks for your channel!

  3. Nice vid … I like you creating a lane for the CBD flower community I’m on my way to LA soon so I toke advantage of the Black Friday sales because I figure it won’t be CBD flower available in variety and abundance

  4. Awesome review! I was actually just thinking about this!!! I want to breed a cherry chocolate chip CBD hemp with a low THC marijuana strain to get a somewhat high potency hemp like 2% thc. that would be the most perfect strain ever! Kinda like that one you had but better

  5. The ending 😂 I always enjoy your videos. Yes, it is a bit harder to find high CBD strains in Cali. Thanks for taking the time to show us where you found some. I like that we got a little road trip vibe on this one. 🚗

  6. I'm not sure what's going on with your audio, but at multiple points you have my theater system rumbling with an ultra low frequency, 5:23 it's really bad and continues when you're talking. Others might not notice it but my system has a very low frequency response, I can barely hear it, more feelin it, it hurts lol.

  7. Greenhouse and outdoor cannabis or hemp grown right will be way better than indoor everyday … that is a fact it has to do with terpene profile just because the thc is high doesn't mean it will get you high …

  8. That was fun bro! It definitely looked to me like the bud structure of some Hawaiian Haze. There is definitely something special about how that Cali sun grows some cannabis man! Much love ✌

  9. The dispo I went to yesterday was like this and even that was kind of mind blowing for me. None of the other ones even let you see the product through the jar. Its kind of more like a bank transaction here haha

  10. The vibe I got from that dispenserary was that I half expected a set of barbers chairs to appear out of the corner of the room. Doesnt that place kinda look like a barber shop? I dig it, had a kind of distinctive vibe going.

  11. How many bums did you see shooting dope and deficating in public during your jaunt? Just curious.. I'm doing research for my poly-sci class.
    Anyway, Revolution Cannabis here in Illinois just dropped two new cbd "strains" that are between 7-9% thc and 15-17% cbd. Its odd too cause they label them by their dominant terpene, not the strainnand there's no lineage info that im aware. I really wanna try it but if I'm gonna pay 77 dollars out the door for an 1/8th I want all the thc. Haha. Rather just mix it with my Arete/WNC indoor. But I am very curious and was tempted but went with Bear Dance instead. This stuff is a*potent* sativa testing at 27% thc…I don't think you'd like it shabazz haha get you real stuck with its infinite headiness

  12. Bro Shabazz does Califonia Dispensaries require a Medical marijuana card to purchase? Just wondering because the person just let you walk in. In my state it’s required lol. Cool video…

  13. I been a marijuana user since I was 14. I love THC but now I'm giving CBD a chance. I have major stomach issues and I cant get regular bud all the time. I still use THC but CBD has help tremendously. I whatch your videos to learn more on CBD and our worlds most magical plant. Keep those videos coming.

  14. I was curious how these dispensary cbd strains were. The closest one to me sells it for $60/eighth so I was hesitant to try it. Last time I visited a dispensary, it had the same vibe as the one you went to. The inner stoner in me wished I could've got to smell each strain. The pre-packaging makes the experience less enjoyable, but I guess Covid also plays into that as they don't want their product being exposed to the virus

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