How To Select The Proper Sized Container for Cannabis Plants

How To Select The Proper Sized Container for Cannabis Plants Professor DeBacco Container Size Can Depend On… (Part 1) Strain being grown How big will it …


  1. you left out the importance of breathability of the type of pot .. no word on smart pots that breath are absolutely the best choice ..
    u still showing off your plastic crap buckets… shame on you!!!

  2. Anyone in here doing 20 gallon pots? Also temp is going down to 48 tonight should i leave her outside or put her in the garage tonight? She is 130 days old. First time grow.

  3. Sometimes i start in small containers and then transfer into 5 gallon pots. But other times i just start the seed right in the 5 gallon pot and go from there. I havnt noticed a difference.

    Besides cost, is there an advantage to starting in a smaller pot and transplanting? or if my ultimate goal is to finish in a 5 gallon pot, is it just as good for the plant to start it directly in that pot?

  4. Hi there, I'm growing Autos, normally smaller breeds, ie shorter. I've been wondering if I'm massively short-selling myself by keeping them in only 17cm x 15 cm. What would be a happy-medium in regard to size for Autos?


  5. Bought a bunch of 5 & 7 gal grow bags this year.Grandaddy purples doing great in 7 gal outside with my tomatoes.The tomatoes also seem to like the 7 gal over the 5.The 5 gal work but you can see the difference in the plants in the 7 gal.Pepper plants really work good with the 5 gal.Never going back to plastic containers.

  6. Since I like my girls squatty and bushy😏 I prefer wider pots, so I can tie branches down to further widen the plant. 👍thanks for posting these informative videos!

  7. I have a degree in horticulture, career studies certificate in green house crop production and certified fertilizer applicator, this guy knows his stuff and only uses credible research in his videos. One of the first things you learn in high school/college biology classes and really any classes where resources should be cited in your papers is to use a credible source starting with univerisity research, love watching them, like being in college again :). I think I have seen them all multiple times. I know you don't need a degree to figure some of this stuff out but it's still nice to have credible info for free.

  8. The liters measurement is off in the graphic. One gallon equals approx 4 liters. Eg . the 24"/60 cm plant should use 3-5 gal/12-20 liter pots.

  9. I grow commercial medical, I do it in 25 and 50 gallon grow bags as well as make my own super soil. The roots fill the bag from top to bottom side to side, expect to get one pound cured for every 10 gallons, if you add 10% DE to the soil you get very sturdy stalks, we have very high winds and I rarely get a broken plant, love your common sense explanations

  10. I have to keep my plants under 6 feet tall because I have to lock them up overnight in my shed starting around September. Reason why ?, there’s weed thieves all over the place where I am. Dirty bastards aren’t getting my weed 😤.

  11. Used to grow in 50 liter containers , plants used to grow to 2,5 meters high by the time harvest came around. When they reach those heights, you'll need to secure them so that wind doesn't tip them over. Lots of weight in a mature plant, and it catches the wind very well.

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