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  1. Someone help me,i buy canabis oil for my anxiety,insomnia,gerd..i allready use that oil for 2 days but i stil hard to sleep and my anxiety on off…today at 8 (am) i jogg to gain weight my body because i'm skinny,i eat a lot but still same and my nose bone injures 9 years ago..but i still feel that prob…

  2. I wonder if i could do this with the heavy black tar that I scrape out of my pipe? it should be decent stuff cos I only ever put high grade stuff through it but when I do find myself having to smoke it, it isn't as good as smoking say a nug of amnesia or holy grail? my friends Moms has COPD and has stopped smoking tobacco and weed for a good few years now but she is looking at trying to consume some edibles but as we live in UK none of it can be purchased legally so we are looking into making some ourselves… isn't it easier to just use a glass tube and packing it in then using butane to strip the THC then scraping it off like how they make shatter or wax or is this like mega strong cos of the butane and very low yeild?

  3. irritating background music drowning voice instructions, why have music, we are looking for instructions not entertainment !No mention of whether this is fresh green flower head, or dry bush, !! why coconut oil , when hemp oil (cooking) is on the shelf ,, /

  4. Hello we got blk ,clr,xanax,oxycodone,amphetamine, hydrocortisone, blues,heroine on deck for fast response download wickr me/kik on appstore and text us

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  5. There is no universal "cure" for cancer, the reason being, there are various forms of cancer all resulting from various causes. The main causes of the world's current cancer rates are: diet, sleep patterns, sedentary lifestyles, alcohol and tobacco usage, over exposure at close proximity to electronic devices which emit radio and electrical energy waves.

    Cannabis has been shown to be effective at treating brain cancer and tumors, it is the only known treatment tool which the brain will allow through the blood brain barrier, thus allowing it to reach previously unobtainable regions of the brain and attack the cancerous cells present.

    It further has the capacity to effectively treat various other physical and psychological illnesses. People must stop eating processed, drugged, misfed and gmo foods, they must stop purchasing sugary drinks of all kinds, which kill millions of people a year alone, in favor of real nutrient/mineral water. People must sleep at night when the body was designed to system diagnose and repair itself, even major servers do this at night lol. People must also stop sitting, driving, riding every where and trying to avoid physical labor, these things kept humans healthy and strong well into their 80s and 90s in the past.

    We have been told that mankind in the modern world is experiencing the best life of all human history, meanwhile we are having heart attacks and strokes in our 30s and 40s, our children are obese, diabetic and cancerous before their teens, chemo has a 65% failure rate but is still the leading treatment worldwide.

    We must save ourselves, for if we do not, then who else will?

  6. What strength CBD oil would that be?
    You said you had .75 g of CBD extract or whatever extract and you said 4 ounces of coconut oil?
    Is there a unit of measurement that will tell you the strength of the finished product ?thanks

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