How to Get Your Annual California Cannabis Cultivation License

For the cannabis industry to thrive, it needs raw supply, and that supply needs to be grown by approved licensees. In this webinar where we are going to walk …


  1. This is fucking retarted takes the fun out even wanting to fuckin grow! Damm city, county, state and federal agency. Makes me sick, than cant take there fees and stick it up there ass!

  2. This was/is a very informative tutorial. I would like to become a cannabis edibles creator, can I buy directly from growers to make my edibles to sell directly to dispensaries and if yes, how do I find growers to sell to me, assuming that I have a biz license of course?

  3. im in etterrsburg in Humboldt county my in laws are mom and pop growers since the 70s that dont really mess with the law like that but the neighbors got a god damn huge legal grow next door. is Humboldt still letting people get liscenses and are there any exemptions and stuff? this shits confusing

  4. So for personal use as you know, we're all allowed to grow up to six plants. My question is this: Let's say I want to legally sell cannabis products that I make from those plants (salves, tinctures, butters etc). Would I get a cultivator's license or some other kind of license? I'm assuming who I'm selling to makes a difference meaning that it would be much harder to sell them online or on at a farmer's market than it would be to sell to a dispensary.

    I guess Im wondering if a cultivation license mainly allows for high volume growing w/o much allowance as far as how one can sell it.

  5. Can anyone give me some idea of how long the average wait period is for application approval if all necessary qualifications are met? If I get approved in the county, can I still be denied at the state level due to a lack of licenses available or state-level cap on them?

  6. Do you need to perform ALL of these tasks annually in order to reapply to get your license each year?

    Also, when you have your list of people with financial interest, do those people have to provide background checks as well?

  7. I have a greenhouse where I'm considering growing Marijuana. I know you use the word cannabis, but I already have the license to grow Industrial Hemp. Can I grow marijuana instead? If not, what steps do I need to take other than apply again on the CDFA website for Marijuana? Is there something else I was missing?

  8. Do I need a license to grow my personal cannabis in my garage? I would like the ability to sell any extra produced but this process seems expensive for a small grow

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