How to Get a Maryland Medical Marijuana Card – GREEN HEALTH DOCS

This video shows you how to get a Maryland medical marijuana card. If you need help obtaining your MD medical card or if you’re confused about what …


  1. I have so many questions. It does suck though cause it's been a while since I've even been to a doctor. I have anxiety and insomnia, slight depression and a few other smaller things but these are all things I've never even discussed with a doctor because I dont want all the bullcrap they're just gonna try to feed me. Medicating helps 100% for my problems but I'm just tired of having to look over my shoulder and have it cause even more anxiety from using it cause I dont have a card.

  2. Can MM help with my TMJ disorder? I don't like taking prescription pills. They only help with the inflammation but I still get daily headaches and clench my jaw when stressed making it worse.

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