How to Bring Back Your Dying Weed Cannabis Plant

Introduction video on healing your browning or dying weed cannabis plants *Repotting your plants *Lolli-popping your plants *Ph your water *Nutrient …


  1. I’m glad my husband Richard video has helped so many of you, he recently passed away on August 7,2021 in a boxing tournament from sudden impact syndrome. I appreciate the continued support.

  2. Thanks Rich! Hope this solves my problem! My leaves were browning and I think I was over fertilizing ! So I will just Water with the PH water for 14 days and hope they survive.

  3. You really think rough treatment of the roots 10:23 is okay?? I don't.
    I was hoping you had some kind of nutrient water bath you were going to soak 'em in, to bring nearly dead plants back. Oh well.
    Somebody's got the answer. Good journey.

  4. What would you do if a cat uprooted to plant and it’s all withering ? I’ve re planted it and propped it up using a stick and string, but it’s still wiltering(saggy)

  5. Yo, wherever city your in your water level ph is PERFECT!!! Even for hydroponic. My water out here is 7.5 to a 8 but my secret is a little peroxide lowers my ph to a perfect gold. But that tester u got is certified grade A. Good work playah

  6. Please somebody help me , on early stage new leafs from the top starting get brown color and bottom starting to dry , that problem was because of over watering plants , they can heal up if i dont water them about two days ? Or more

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