How and when to flush a cannabis plant

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  1. Do I need to have a lot of run off during my 2/3 week flush period?, or if I just give them RO and a little bit of molasses will the plant still flush ?I am using soil was adding RECHARGE almost once a week as well only my 2nd harvest

  2. So I just watched your other video about feeding plants and at one point you explain why sometimes flushing for 2 or 3 weeks stills gives you black ash. That it's because the plant will hold onto its nutes when you give it water cause it thinks it won't be getting nutes again. I also get osmotic pressure. So when all is put together, should the "flushing" period actually be a gradual decrease in nutrient concentrations until harvest? Or perhaps just light feedings?

  3. Science says ZERO affect to thc or taste from flushing … STARVING with water only yes but impossible to flush away anything… most likely it drives nutrients in as the roots only work one way…

  4. How do I get my plants to be yellow at harvest time. seems like just a happy frog soil or a ocean forest soil and they still green 8 weeks in even after I ran gallons of water through em 2 weeks prior to suspected harvest time

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