Hemp as a Crop | Frances Tacy | TEDxAsheville

The adventures of a female hemp pioneer in North Carolina. Farmer Franny is on a mission to learn and educate about hemp and is paving the way for hemp …


  1. Thanks, Franny! I have shared your video with friends relatives! I have a daughter interested in turning a 60 acre lot into a hemp farm in Louisiana. Any tips/suggestions?

  2. I am 100% in favor of the right to grow and use hemp, but I can tell you from a basic psychological standpoint that using Obama's logo for Hemp History Week and putting a hippy/liberal spin on every little thing about hemp will most certainly turn a lot of people off from supporting the hemp industry.

  3. I'm from NC and we just became legal to grow hemp. I have access to 200 thousand square feet of manufacturing facility perfect for indoor growing. I also have access over 100 acres of farmland. Lots of incentatives and tax incentives. Consultants and investors welcome

  4. Thank you for watching and I hope you learned something! Now help educate your friends, family and community. It's as easy as sharing this link and making a personal comment.

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