Grado Hemp Review – High on Mt. Grado, but still Grados

With a name like the Hemp, you’d think these Grado cans would be very popular in Vancouver, BC. But do they resonate with Resolve? Let’s find out! Grado …


  1. I occasionally use my RS1X with g-cushions for gaming – modmic stuck next to where cable attaches. While I tend to agree with Crin that it won't make me any better it is if nothing else an enjoyable experience.

  2. For anyone who might benefit from this comment, imo Grado headphones are in dire need of some dampening to bring down the treble response. I’ve successfully cut up some Koss PortaPro ear pads and fit them in the openings of my Grado ear pads in order to put SOME material between the driver and my ears. After doing this mod, my GH4’s are much more listenable for long listening sessions. Although I still gravitate towards more technically proficient headphones, Grado’s still are a fun deviation from most of the other headphones in the market. If only they could ship with better ear pads (or proper dampening!), a removable cable, and better build :/ oh well.. Grado’s gotta Grado.

  3. Comfort tip for the stock pads: bend the headband so the pads are hardly exerting any force on your ears. If they’re pushing on your ears they’re miserable. Don’t worry about the headband, you won’t hurt it and that’s how you make Grados fit. If they still hurt then yeah, get some bigger pads; I have both but I prefer the sound of the stock pads. Love these things!

  4. If Grado moved out of NY and moved to a more business friendly state and city they could sell their headphones for less and therefore sell a lot more of them and make more money.

  5. The hilarious thing about those pads is they're actually clones of grado's own GS1000 pads. So grado already has these pads, and yet they still don't ship them out as standard. Why, grado? Why?

  6. Got the hemp. Got ALL the pads imaginable. Yes, the soundstage gets ridiculous with the G Cush. But they also introduce sibilance, suck out the mids and remove body from the bass. The tonal balance on the stock pads is excellent to me. L Cush are a nice compromise I wish more reviewers would try out.

  7. It looks like it cost $4.20 in build quality, like HiFi man, which is a deal breaker for me, I'm a bit rough and tumble with 'phones and tend to leave 'em in unsavory areas, so I need high build quality.

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